“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


one month down the road, across the sky

i close my eyes for 30 seconds, the better to see in the dark when they are opened.
i count the 30 seconds slowly.

we are past the full moon by a few days.  i remember the light across my bedroom floor and across the back porch. once upon a time, and not that long ago, i couldn't sleep through a full moon, but lately i just close my eyes and the moonlight lets me go.

this weekend has been warm.  i light the fire only when darkness has well and truly risen, when the ice in my drink begins to send a chill to my bones.  when the cat finds me on the couch and falls asleep tight against my thigh. night takes longer to arrive, and my body feels that and is grateful.


tomorrow is february and tonight tries to be windy.
january putting on his goodbye clothes, ready to slip away.

the months hang in the sky like hidden planets;
they know we know.
but they need their sleep and they need their dreams,
and they wish us goodnight, one at a time.



  1. A lovely one ... Certain ones magically seem to find me ... ❤

  2. today is february and already she is playing tricks on me, all blue sky and empty promises. i LOVE this image (both the actual one and the written one) of months hanging in the sky like planets. we will watch them circle and sing their praises. xoxo

  3. *sigh*. I love how you write. Just beautiful. I woke up to gorgeous falling snow. So far I love February :-).

  4. So achingly beautiful. I love the idea of the months being hidden planets. <3

  5. well, sugar, i just don't know if i like the photo or the text the best. so i'm gonna' like them both the best. that full moon held a whole lotta' light, didn't it? kept me awake for 3 nights running. but i'm not mad. i love her way too much to get mad.

  6. I wish you many more good moods - just because you deserve them (we all do), but also so that I may enjoy your writing.


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