“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


somerset life and sunday morning

keeping my toes warm.

i'm once again in its beautiful pages, toes and all.  so is this place i call home.  so is the lovely, lovely katie in a fabulous yellow dress.  when michael saw her picture, he asked if that wasn't his old fishing hat she was wearing. ummm . . . yes.  yes, it is.  i stole it from him sometime last year when he bought a new one, when he said the old one was too worn out.  i thought it was getting just about right.


i've been running a slight fever, an autumn ritual for me, all allergies and sneezes, and have done nothing the last few days.  it comes and goes, and i do the same - to work and home, staying caught up on everything except cleaning the house.  i read, buy groceries when i run out of cat food, do the laundry when i have nothing left to wear, read some more, watch football on the television, read some more, sneeze a lot, sleep not enough.  i've not been writing, not much, just a word here and there, saving them up for a sentence later.  the sun is warm, the temperature cool.  the breezes blow in all that stuff that makes my eyes water and my sneezes sneeze, but i leave the door open anyway.  i don't think it makes a difference, in fact think it maybe helps.

sunday barely after noon and the neighborhood is full of barking dogs and dozy cats.  leaves skittering down the street, the songs of birds everywhere.  the shadows of leaves shake in the wind and butterflies flutter by.  the grass is still green and ditto the trees.  the ginkgo across the street has lightened to a pale green, and also the tops of some trees i can see in the distance.  east texas autumn.


full of good stuff.
i am honored to be featured and i thank everyone involved.
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  1. Congratulations on the publication! But I'm sorry you're not well, I hope you feel better soon. So good that you are taking care of yourself.

  2. Now I have an excuse to go to the bookstore :)

    And, ugh, same here with the allergies... I totally agree with keeping the door open though.

    Can't wait to see your latest in this issue, congrats! Xoxo

  3. congrats! I hope you feel better soon :)


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