“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


saturday morning with rain and daisies


i begin collecting broken twigs from the yard, blown down by every storm that passes through. by december there will be enough of them to glitter, just the tops, just enough to reflect candlelight.  i am such a girl.


it feels like the year is almost over.  it may be a baseball thing, my annual circadian rhythm set to that season. still a bit to go, but not far, not long.  i will catch my second wind then and the rest of the year will push me in the direction of thanksgiving, of christmas, of the new year soon to come.  last weekend was the weekend of books and solace, of no news and comfort movies.  kelly suggested pride and prejudice and when i checked out the library's only copy, the librarian sighed.  my favorite movie, she said.  she is such a girl.  i bought flowers and slept later in the mornings and it was too quickly gone and suddenly monday.

and now suddenly saturday once again.  early afternoon and i am thinking mexican food for lunch. salsa and chips, garlic and chicken.  enough to last until tomorrow.  i want more nothingness and less too-much-ness.  i am such a girl.



  1. I was worried when I saw your mention of the P&P movie that it would be the Kiera Knightley version. Lots of good in that movie - the secondary characters are amazing, and Darcy is okay too - and some marvellous scenes with those secondary characters - but Kiera is so bad, so wrong for Elizabeth ... not to mention talking so fast, in such a mumble, that half the time we can't comprehend what she is saying. And that ending?? It's the only DVD I've ever bought, watched once, then happily given away.

    But everyone is different, of course, and many people love this version, just as many people inexplicably love the old Ciaran Hinds version of Persuasion

    Having rambled on in this bombastic way, I will now take a deep breath and tell you how much I loved your post.

    1. hahaha! i'm not a huge kiera knightly fan, but oh goodness. it's such a pretty movie. and i love this particular mr. darcy. :)

      and you are never bombastic.


  2. It is such a pretty movie, and just what I needed last week. This weekend the children are here, and it is just what I need this week. October is going to be the month of taking care of things, myself and otherwise. Being such a girl is a good thing! Love your flowers and your branches and the idea of glitter for the holidays, I might be that girl myself this year! Xoxo

  3. Being a girl is a very good thing indeed! Love P and P and have read it many times, also I can swoon with Colin Firth....October is a favorite month, so many tree changes, temperature changes and love the shortening days.

  4. what a wonderful idea to collect the fallen sticks. It definitely is the time of year to slow down and cozy up. how is it that i have to "find time" to do this? never tire of P & P - my favorite from when I was a teen.


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