“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


blog tour monday

i was recently asked by kelly over at the blue muse (poet, writer, walker under the moon) if i'd be willing to talk about it.  you know, it.  my creative process, why i do it and how, as part of a virtual blog tour to introduce new people to new people.  i said yes without thinking twice, and thought how easy it would be.  four questions.  la dee dah, and there you go.  i should know better.  ain't nothing easy when it comes to talking about one's art and the whys, but it's always good to sit yourself down every once in a while and re-examine it all.

you can read kelly's post here, and i suggest backtracking through the other participants.  you'll be glad you did.


and now, me.

what am i working on?

friday it was painting furniture.  my meditation.  it fills my desire to get my hands dirty and helps me let go of the paralyzing need to make art with a capital A.  it reminds me of the importance of craft. soothes my soul with a different language than the one i use when writing and loosens me up mentally.

saturday was photography, and every day it's words.  some days not many, but i am not a number counter.  recently, i've been working on a set of vignettes i call continuations.  the idea appeared last fall, beginning as an idea for sculptures, quickly evolving into words and images, though sculptures are still a possibility.  my moving back and forth between stories and pictures and maybe those sculptures, my dithering, is part of the continuation.  the to be continued . . . part.

how does my work differ from others of its genre?

do i even have a genre i fit into?  i've never felt i do.  i'm not really a poet, there's no great american novel simmering inside me, i'm a lackadaisical painter.  more than anything, i just think of myself as a storyteller/collage artist, using whatever tools i need to tell a story, whatever’s close at hand.  i like to collage my tales together, using song lyrics as glue, or quotes from a book, or descriptions of the day outside my open door.  i usually tie that in with a photograph, but often i leave the visuals out of the picture, so to speak, playing with words only.  no plot is ever necessary.

why do i write/create what i do?

i have no idea, and that's the truth.  i just do.  i blame my fingers.

how does your writing/creative process work?

i've told this before, but i unfocus. unfocusing is hugely important for me.  i let go but i pay attention. i open myself to whatever comes.  i listen with respect to typos and misspelled words.  there is a krishnamurti quote i love that describes this process perfectly:  In the cultivation of the mind, our emphasis should not be on concentration, but on attention.  Concentration is a process of forcing the mind to narrow down to a point, whereas attention is without frontiers.  within that borderless place live my words and pictures and ideas and truths.


my thanks to kelly for inviting me to be a part of this tour, and making me think.  it's now my turn to introduce you to a couple of women i read and love.  please be sure to visit their blogs next monday to read their answers to these questions.  you can even visit earlier.

Jeannine Peregrine
is a reader of books and poems, a classic film devotee, and a daydream believer (but not a homecoming queen) living near Norfolk, Virginia.  She writes at her blog, distilled from stars.

Lola M.
was born to a raven-haired California gypsy with magpie blood. Aries Sun. Cancer Moon. Writer. Photographer. Mother. Artist. Treasure Hunter. Kitchen Witch. Food, booze, and art enthusiast. Creative co-conspirator. Hostess of dinner parties and craftress circles. Collector of books, baubles, branches, bones, and stones. A lover of the written word ever since she can remember, and a lover of food since before that.  You can visit her at Vine & Bone.



  1. always love resting awhile in your space ... happy to know more aboutthe special words and art you gift us with ..xo

  2. this is so wonderful - and I especially love what you say here about unfocussing, because it is the same for me but I could never find quite such a perfect word for it. I am so grateful you write here so that we get to read your magical words.

  3. Blame your fingers... Yes, I love that. We never know what they might say. And that's the best part. Your words and your art always hold magic. The kind that has no explanation. I love that, too.

  4. Dang, woman! This! This is where it's at! Every word of it. You inspire in so many different ways. We are so ridiculously lucky you share it all here. Love.

  5. Sometimes the best art comes out of what feels like daydreaming and keeping a light, free attention on whatever we are doing. It's always nice to get a glimpse into another artist's creative world. :)


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