“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


questions, answers. easy peasy.

me in sunshine & pjs.  katie's stairs.

i know she thinks i forgot about her, but back in december, noodle nominated me for a blogging award that required me to answer some questions.  you know how it works.  i've been blogging for quite a while, and in truth thought there's nothing i can answer that i haven't already said, but i was flattered - noodle's mom reads me and puts up with me, and is one of those people on the other side of the political aisle who doesn't expect me to think like she does, and i have to admit, i appreciate that. 

but i'm doing it differently.  i'm not gonna re-award anyone, because recently someone got upset with me for not yet watching a dvd they loaned me, and i just . . . well, i don't want to pressure anyone. so i'm just doing the question and answer part, and here goes.


what is your favorite color?  it would be easy to say, you know, that bluish greenish color i use a lot and really, really love, but in truth, it's any color that's a bit dusty.  almost.  i need to rethink that. i am not a fan of burgundy or orange or most autumny colors.  and i'm not crazy about neon colors or dark pinks or magentas.  i like taupes and whites and pale blues and silver instead of gold.  i like colors you can't quite name.  faded.  soft.  

favorite animal?  in my house, i prefer cats.  i understand cats.  understand the way they so often want to be left alone, the way they want to sleep so much.  i like the way they don't need me, the way they take their time to fall in love with me.  i like their sneakiness, the way they stretch, and the way they eventually nestle with me.  i like their wildness.  

but all that said, i admit to a bit of coyote love.  they are tough in the worst of circumstances.  and i have to say owls and hawks and dogs and horses and well, i could go on.  but maybe not rats. 

favorite non alcoholic beverage?  coca-cola.  no ifs, ands, or buts.  over ice.  

facebook or twitter?  twitter, although i'm not happy with that feature that shows you pictures without you having to go to all that trouble to click on the link and open it up all by yourself.  i don't want to see pictures all the time, and it's part of the reason i prefer twitter to facebook.  or instagram. or videos when there should be only words.  i can read so much faster than anyone can speak, and i can reread for deeper meaning.  twitter moves quickly and isn't near as full of people trying to sell me something or pictures i don't want to see.  and it's full of funny. so, yes.  twitter.  

favorite pattern? stripes or polka dots.  something clean and uncluttered.  in the right color.  

do you prefer giving or getting presents?  the christmas after my mother died, when i was still dealing with legal stuff and emotional stuff, i accidentally sent an old friend her annual box of christmas goodies to the wrong address after sending her birthday card late, after sending her easter box of goodies late, and it cost me her friendship.  you may tell me it was wrong of her, and i would agree, but it's just the way things go.  up until then, i would have said giving.  emotionally and mentally, it's still giving, but i now question myself and worry, and a lot of the used-to-be-joy has gone.  what i want to do is just gather up heart shaped leaves and send them out, with a note that says i love you and this is all i got.  as for getting, as long as it's not a dvd with a time limit for watching.  :)

your favorite number? anything with 3 digits.  i have a thing about 3 digits.  

favorite day of the week? this is hard.  probably saturday, but in truth the laziness of a sunday afternoon is hard to beat.

favorite flower? lazy pink tulips.  paperwhites.  pink roses.  anything from the yard that i can plop into a vase - a magnolia blossom, catawba or pear tree blooms.  

what is your passion? oh god.  the truth, the truth, the truth.  



  1. your truth is always filled with the most incredible beauty. and i adore that photo.

  2. love your no-caps policy here. -smile-

    and your paragraph about 'giving or getting'...... -oh sigh- on so many levels...

  3. your truth, as Mrs M. says, is what always intrigues me. gets me every time. you always say it like it is.
    raw, sometimes. but then life is raw. i read your every word like a sponge taking it all in. i hate these what do you like questions. i am hard to pin down on most things. on others, i am an open book. if you know me at all, you KNOW those answers. yet, at times, i am slow to give them up to strangers...

  4. i just love this post. could we sit and have a chat sometime about women's friendships? maybe over a co-cola (on ice, of course), and a big ole' sweatin' glass of sweet tea? shoot, what say we make it margaritas so we can talk truthfully about the dumb shit reasons women break up with girlfriends. i sometimes think we hold our girlfriends to (unimaginably) higher standards than we do our life partners or even our pets. and yeah, lazy sunday afternoons (the kind with room for an old movie AND a nap) are hard to beat.

  5. It wouldn't matter if you had forgotten ... life is full of things to remember. I read your blog religiously because of what is in your heart and how you transfer it to the page. That being said, thanks for remembering as we forgot! I'm glad to read more about the essence of that which is the true you...

    Noodle and Noodle's mom

  6. loved learning a bit about you :) How sad that a friendship failed over presents :( I love giving unexpected gifts for no reason and receiving the same. Once there is obligation then the fun sort of goes out of the process.


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