“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


year 9 begins

upside down lily

8 years ago today she became ours, the cat in the business, the cat who shows up to greet customers even when they don't want it.  she has favorites, you know, and sometimes she sneaks up on them, a rub against their ankles when they're not looking.  sometimes she stays sleeping wherever she is - cat beds in all the rooms and hallways and secret places i've yet to find - and they ask where is she? sometimes i know, sometimes i don't.

she has her own clock and somewhere near the end of the day, she wants in my lap as i type away at the computer.  she calls all desks hers, and especially loves michael's, the messiest desk of all, sprawling across paperwork and newspapers and watching him work.  yesterday morning i found her sitting on his desk, staring at his empty chair, waiting for him to return, to sit down.  in my office, she has her own chair, close enough that i can rub her belly with my toes.

she goes outside for a few minutes here and there, behind the business, on the concrete parking lot, but finds her way to the edges where weeds and grasses grow, and it sometimes breaks my heart that she doesn't know a yard or a tree, instead knowing utility poles and wires across the sky.  the lack of trees downtown means birds are few, but they are moments of joy for her when they appear, one or two on one of those wires.  a leaf blowing by the door is a thing of magic.


we have recently cleared off the back "porch" area, and i am thinking that perhaps a potted tree or two or three might withstand thieves and give her a bit of green.  i've not had good luck with such inside the building, but i am thinking about trying again.  and maybe - maybe - a low box of grass or ground cover somewhere out back for her to lay on.  i spend time with her outside when the weather warms up, and the idea makes me happy.

in the meantime, happy 8th anniversary miss lily.  i wish you could read, could understand my words, could know how much it means to me to see your smiling face each morning.  smooches!!



  1. Aw, Miss Lily, so so sweet. Even without the trees, such a good, happy life you've made for her.

  2. She's a city girl... and it sounds like she's okay with that :) Here, there is a movie theater that used to have a resident cat, which I loved, but every so often, when you were sitting there watching the movie, you'd suddenly feel this furry thing rubbing against your leg, and well, some people weren't always such fans of that.

    Happy Anniversary Lily Cat!


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