“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan



it only looks like snow.

monday morning.

over on the right where you can't see,
my jeep was running, de-icing, warming.
i texted the ever-wonderful michael and said don't even try to make it into town,
said a friend was gonna drive me to the business to feed lily cat,
to which michael responded that i was a texas woman with a 4WD,
and didn't i remember that time when  . . . ?
and yes, i did, so i booted up with steel toed black rubber boots,
heavy and with tread,
and i slowdrived to work and fed the cat.
and then ran errands for others who couldn't get around because, like i said,
it only looks like snow.

my arms are too tired for poetry tonight.
i have been gripping tight my steering wheel.

it began sunday afternoon. sleet fell from the heavens by bucketfuls and fell some more and some more and kept on falling.  we'd been warned but were a bit surprised at the speed and ferocity; it was a tad worse than we'd been expecting.  my cousin's husband spent monday night in his vehicle stuck on the interstate somewhere around ne arkansas, one of hundreds of people to do so.  one of my brothers lost power and heat at his house and spent that night on my couch.  

monday afternoon, the owls in the magnolia tree behind the house were loud and wild, hooting at the white sky and white ice and each other.  i stood and listened as their calls echoed through the trees and cold.  they are loud again tonight as i type.  i'll let them supply the poetry.


solid ice.  you walk slow and you don't leave footprints.  

and then it begins to melt.
slowly mushy messy melting, leaving beautiful wonderful footprints.

and exhale.



  1. ..word of caution on ice, from northern Michigan, where ice is under our 160" + of snow for 3 months now....ice is ice. 4WD does NOT help. tell ever-wonderful-michael.... it gives a false sense of security. 'they' scrape the snow down to a few inches on the roads, but the ice remains. bad stuff. be careful.
    another word of winter wisdom. gripping the steering wheel too tight, for too long, leads to diarrhea !
    tilda, winter weary

  2. hopefully by now it is all melted! today was a bit warmer here, in the 30s, and Brett had a party outside, 4 mice at the doorstep. It felt like spring was at least a possibility. :)

  3. We had a brief ice storm on Tuesday morning. I'm hoping that was winter slamming the door as she left!

  4. before I had any experience at all with winter and thought it was like a Christmas card, my husband (from Indiana) said "cold is pain" and now that I've had a few servings of winter, I know he is right. cold IS pain and ice can be murderous; frankly it scares me. Bless you for venturing out. So glad you made it back safely. And you may have intentionally left the poetry to the owls, but this is poetry anyway. (You're a poet and didn't know it - hee). xoxo


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