“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


a long list of short tweets

when or before i follow someone on twitter, i read their favorites.  those tweets they have saved for whatever reason.  the ones that made them laugh or touched their heart or made them nod their heads in agreement.  and sometimes, i go back to their favorites and find someone else to follow, after, of course, checking that  person's favorites.  the favorites list tells me more about the person than the tweets they themselves have tweeted.  i have less favorites than so many of my friends.  i'm on twitter less, follow (and am followed by) fewer people, and, in truth, i often forget about the favorite feature.  this morning i remembered and went back to read what i'd saved.

it looks long, but it reads fast, and it makes me smile.  and it's probably (no doubt) lazy blogging, but here it is, in chronological order.  You will see some familiar names.  Kindred souls.

 3 Oct 2011
Write your story so that I see my story through you.

if bookcases are tidy, no one is reading the books :)

When I whistle into the wind, I know my own sound though it blends into the air

I just love when the fat rabbit drops by in the afternoon to eat apple slices. She's a GrannySmith girl.

Obama to women: "Deficit? Don't fret your pretty little heads. Here, I brought flowers and a heart-shaped box of birth control."

A robin keeps chasing the catbird away from the apple slices on the hill, even though he doesn't want them himself. Make your own metaphor.

It was too hot to leave the windows open. I left them open anyway.

The viciousness seeps out of the air; a south carolina day becomes a south carolina night.

My grandfather built my grandmother a laundry chute when he built their house. That's how she knew he loved her.

Life keeps drawing all these lines, and I keep choosing to erase them.

In a cottage up the lane, a student practices Scott Joplin on an old upright; one cricket under the redbud fills in the missing notes.

The night's silence was absolute at 4.38am, at the first suggestion of light, the chorus began, 4.39am... love the sounds of the aussie bush

Everyday epic = oxymoron

Man, I hate it when Buddhists get all 'emptier than thou.'

What happens if you take an Instagram inside a hipster bar? Is that like dividing by zero or something?

A novel tells you a story. A poem helps you make up your own.

72° with a breeze. Feet propped up. Steaks on the grill.

No topo chicos? That makes Topo Gigio so sad; he say, "Debbieee, keees-a-me Goood Night."

Lookin' through the "housewar" section of the thrift store . . .

poetry was my first love, even before that boy.

Had I become a mathematician, I would know the cost of putting ten tiny houses on a hundred acres with an artist/writer/musician in each.

I have torn all the maps into shreds. Now, my journey begins.

It is a sad reflection upon gender-bias in 2013 America that amongst all of this debate surrounding the NSA, the WNSA barely gets a mention.

When your Italian neighbour leans over and hands you a bag of cherries freshly picked from his tree ♥

Facebook needs to add an "overshare" button.

I love it when the 4 o'clocks are open at 8:30. 😊

People coming to gig: 0. Replies from Anderson Cooper: 0. Coincidence?

It's August 2013 and I STILL haven't won the lottery. I'm tired of this racism.

scientific fact: food tastes better with your bra off.

omg omg omg omg omg I'm crying, this means so much to me, though no one would understand it!

Was blessed this morning with a small rain shower, followed by a full rainbow. The moon appeared under the rainbow. No camera. Didn't care.

I felt like I was close to settling in, and then we unpacked that box of perfection. It spilled out everywhere.

Got kicked out of a gun shop for open-carrying a Starbucks.

The baby woke up... Nobody move...

It took me an hour to turn back all my clocks; I have squandered my daylight savings.

So quiet where I am. Moon is 3/4 , stars are out...not blazing. To the east ,a falling star and paths unbeaten. Red wind scarred skin.

Hey, there's no law that can't be fixed by hot-gluing some more laws on top of it.

Just heard most epic station announcement: "Will the gentleman in the hall please extinguish his marijuana cigarette & put whiskey away."

You can't teach an illiterascist.

she gets her exercise opening the refrigerator and slapping me for saying so

Me: "Dad, it shouldn't take this long to choose bread." Dad: "Clearly, you know nothing."

The ending of Annie Hall gets me every time.

best reason to stop being a grammar nazi: the sound-sex of it...

Fine green beans are LIFE.

Snowing at Ballenger Creek 3pm. Shot by my lovely assistant JoJo

Fucking is not an adjective RT Photoshop is not a fucking verb

Ahh, that moment on Abbey Road where Golden Slumbers becomes Carry That Weight. Saturday morning Beatles. Awesome.

God perfected the eye roll.

RT : The flatboatmen make fast toward dusk near the cottonwood or pekantrees, || Such a sentence.


what about you?
what are your favorite tweets?
what do you have saved against those days when you need a laugh, or a bit of reassurance?
please share.



  1. I love this! You know, it took me a long time to even realize there was a favorite button, and then a while to start using it. Now you've made me wish I figured it out sooner!
    So many nods and smiles here. xo

    1. I don't use the favorite star very often; it made me feel like, "I like what you're saying, but not enough to retweet it."

      Perhaps, I should reconsider how to use it, because this was a excellent laugh out loud post.

  2. yes, i recognize names! those of mrs. mediocrity and michael douglas jones. Oct 3/11 of MDJ is awesome. as was sept 10. BUT mrs. m's may 2 about the journey begins really resonated with me. my plan for 2014,
    is likewise. tear up and forget the maps! and plot my own journey into the unknown, that so frightens me.

  3. I have never, ever tweeted or read a single tweet. I always figured it was another time suck and Pinterest has already put me over my limit. Your post has changed my mind. WOW!!

  4. I don't use Twitter enough to know there is a Favourites button and was enjoying reading this list you posted but oh my, that pretty snow/barn/birds/field photo and especially the tweet about "that moment on Abbey Road where Golden Slumbers becomes Carry That Weight" - YES and YES! Thanks for sharing.


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