“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


suddenly. autumn.

october bloomed with these red flowers, as she always does.
there is a cinderella pumpkin in the back of the jeep, full of dreams and secret stories to be told.
i am thinking of campfires, nights under skies filled with stars and friends.

last night autumn showed up on the wind, blowing in with cooler air and falling leaves, scrubbing away the last of the last sticky warm summer air, and i thought at last.  autumn.  october.  at last i understand you.  suddenly i am ready, never mind that baseball is still here and being played.  that first true wind of autumn changed my mind.  all the fans in the house are off and i am even wearing socks.

this is why i draw my own map.  new roads show up when i least expect them and demand exploration. this morning's road is birdless, quiet.  skyecat is burrowed under art papers in a basket, recuperating from a cat fight last night.  there is a bundle of twigs in a vase near the door, white candles gathered in an old egg basket.  the backyard is polka dotted with mushrooms.  last week i could not have drawn this road.

this past week has been filled with work and dreams.  giant red hawks guarding my home, filling the trees, silent, still.  my mother again.  she shows up all the time, but the hawks are new dream creatures.   perhaps i felt autumn coming.  perhaps i knew these flowers would bloom.   today looms small and wonderful in front of me.  breakfast.  laundry.  a bit of housecleaning.  dark chocolate.  i promised my aunt i would visit; she wants an old painting of mine, and i said yes.

it's october.  the magic begins.
again and always.
magic understands baby steps.



  1. Every time I visit your blog I am amazed at your ability to thread words together so beautifully.
    And when you are silent, your images speak volumes.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. exactly what modern nomad said. i wish there was a like button on your blog. but then again maybe it forces us to do some of our own writing when we like it. sometimes i feel like what i have to say is so trifle compared to your profundity!

  2. i always love your words, your pictures/life to us with those words. but modern nomad sums it up....
    'and when you are silent, your images speak volumes'. they do, you know?
    i am always so pleased to again see the words...
    in fondest, tilda

  3. I'm so glad we are connected on Facebook. I don't have to miss you when I move to Florida. Your words always feel right in my mind and spirit. You're a gift and I'm so glad you share the lovely person you are with us through your words...or silence. Love and many Blessings,


  4. Your words are like a breath of fresh autumn air. So...so....so beautiful!

  5. Wonderful. You see the world in such a wonderful metaphysical way.

  6. oh my... i could stare at that image for hours... and yes, new maps, every day.

    and yes, to magic. i felt, for a while this year, that my ordinary magic had faded, but i see it resurfacing again, here, there and everywhere.

    baby steps are the best kind of magic.

    1. i have felt the same. felt the magic had deserted me. but in thinking about it, i decided that perhaps magic needs a bit of vacation also. some time to breathe. waving its arms and jumping up & down to try to gain our attention must be exhausting. and then i thought that perhaps before it leaves it scatters some very small moments for us to notice, that sometimes we just miss them. and i liked that - the knowledge that they weren't really gone. that when the magic returns it will just pick them up and scatter them again. :)


  7. I am mesmerized both by the photo and your words.


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