“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


outsider. armed, perceived as dangerous.

just in case.
it is sunday morning and we have had rain all weekend.


in the house on the corner it is 2 a.m. and she comes home to intruders,
2 of them;
the she in the house on the other corner steps out to water the plants and finds someone there,
more than once,
and he has words to say to her.
another finds a thief in her garage and when she yells at him,
he yells back with names and obscenities and continues thieving.
the house 2 doors down has a vehicle violated and we thank god it was only the car. 

last week.


on twitter, the women talk of peace, say we've been conditioned to fear, that guns can never be the answer, and i wonder where they live, what their stories are, and understand once again the always neverending truth of my outsiderness from poetry and art, because what i  know to be true is that, after a gathering of women  - outside in the night, discussing these current events under the stars - the women with guns went home to a sound sleep and peace of mind.  the first she, she of that first house on the corner, fled for the night to somewhere she thought safe.  the second she slept not at all.


and so begins the real truthtelling.



  1. Would love some tee and cookies :-) An umbrella is nice to have in bad weather.

  2. I always think all Texans have guns. Where I live, most of us have guns. And we know how to protect ourselves and use them. We were taught. I sleep because I HAVE a gun. Innocent people should have the right to protection. Controversial subject, I realize. Should you suspect I DO have a gun and that I KNOW how to use it, you might not be so apt to rob/hurt me. Politically incorrect? Perhaps. But I feel safe.

  3. I love your truth telling. All the real poetry, all the real art, comes from that place.

    And you be careful! xoxo

  4. ah, thank y'all for allowing my truth to be said. this is one of those issues that is hard and fascinating and makes you think out loud and wonder how everyone's truth came to be. sometimes i read other people's truths and it feels like we are on such different planets, and i wonder if my truth would match theirs if i lived where they do, and would their truth evolve into mine if they lived on this small block?

    just me - thinking.

    and we are fine. it's stuff we deal with all the time - we go through phases.


  5. Every topic you tackle is written with such artistry.


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