“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


rain, fall

last night was a cardinal and an owl and one jingle bell cat.
rainy red feather juju -
i will leave it to you to decide the winner.

this morning is the first morning that feels like fall may actually be coming
and is full of sneezes and rain;
skye cat is hunkered down by the open front door, timing the seconds between raindrops,
deciding when or if to skitter out into the wet.
the only cat i've lived with who likes the rain,
she has been out once this morning, but once is never enough.

i too skittered out the door, taking momentary refuge beneath the stairs, umbrella fumbling fingers finally giving up and letting it rain down on me.  accepting.  revelling.  feeling actually chilly when i ran back into the air conditioning.  waking up.

it's still green out there, but the back yard is full of overnight fallen leaves.  the gray day fills the house and lamps are on and something about their golden light calms me.  good morning almost autumn.



  1. You know, I've always loved that my birthday is the first day of fall. There is just no joy like that first chilly morning, is there?

  2. It's raining here this morning, my son just finished stacking all the wood, and that makes it officially fall, even if the calendar says I must wait until tomorrow. I love the picture you paint of your fall.

    Brett likes the rain, too. It's funny to watch.

    Happy Autumn. xoxo

  3. autumn is such a short season here. and often not too pleasant. the leaves are just beginning to fade from their plush greens to a paler color, but aren't the brilliant reds, yellow and oranges that will come.
    in the meantime, my flower gardens that suffered the week of intense heat in July are beyond any hope. but even dead flower gardens have beauty. one must look, however. and i won't buy any mums, this year. i am content with the dead gardens.
    in fondest of thoughts, tilda


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