“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


that thing it seldom is

here's what i did today.

i read a book and there wasn't nothin' in the least redeeming about it
except you know, it took me away to another place
without explaining to me what i should eat
or drive
or why we humans are just killing the earth,
stake through the heart and all that,
and it actually had people who were heroes
and when i say heroes i mean women too,
and none of them wore high heels,
and nobody was an environmental activist or even a democrat.

i built a tiny little box and i stuck a heart right on the front
to remind me where to put all the love when i'm mad at it;
that way when my anger goes away i won't forget where i hid that love
and i can find my way back to feeling good 
without swearing i know i put it here!

i made a flower.

i got a library card so i could kindle up free books,
then disappointingly discovered that what that means
is mostly summertime novels all year long.

i photoshopped and crossword puzzled
and i ate my lunch with a knife
because wendy's apparently thinks that's all you need with a baked potato.

tomorrow i'm building a tiny little box with nothing on the front
so i have a place to put my aggravations.



  1. Amen, think I will do the same and put my irritation way from view.

  2. that ending just made me smile and smile. i think we all need to start building boxes... and i LOVE this image!

  3. your last 4 sentences made me LAUGH out loud. but i especially loved that you
    ate your potato with a knife and why !
    you NEVER fail to make the journey here worth while.
    i have a box too. it is where i put your writing, so i can read it again and again.
    in fondest. tilda

  4. lol.. love this.
    (what am I still doing here?)


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