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50 movies for the year of 50 things

my second list:  part of kelly's year of 50 things.  it was harder than i'd expected and it is all over the place and in no particular order, excepting #1.  # 6 would not have been here 2 weeks ago, but then i watched it.

what surprised me is how few chick flicks made the final cut.  they are the movies i usually lean on when stressed or tired, and i'm guessing that's because they make me think the least, though to be fair, they make me think the least because i've seen them so many times.  like practical magic  and under the tuscan sun  and little women  (the winona ryder version).  jimmy stewart is on my list 3 times, as is russell crowe.  atticus finch and the dude.  shirley valentine's husband is king theoden in lord of the rings.   women wear the highest of heels and wield the strongest of swords.  there is a lot of looking for and protection of freedom.  several are about language and communication.  lost in translation  would probably be #51.

  1. it's a wonderful life  -  because zuzu's petals
  2. the philadelphia story  -  because jimmy stewart drunk and cary grant
  3. l.a. confidential  -  because russell crowe made me forget he was russell crowe
  4. lord of the rings (the trilogy)
  5. the big sleep
  6. beasts of the southern wild
  7. mystery train
  8. spanglish  -  because "ju gotta"
  9. braveheart  -  "freeeeeeeeeeedom!!!!!!"
  10. pulp fiction
  11. the big lebowski  -  because the dude
  12. hannah and her sisters
  13. out of africa  -  she had a farm  . . .
  14. water  -  because the scriptures say that widows have three options
  15. amelie
  16. chocolat
  17. the godfather
  18. captain corelli's mandolin  -  because love itself is what is left over
  19. lara croft tomb raider/ the cradle of life  -  because she  is the real  james bond
  20. harvey
  21. big night  -  because primo is an artist and i get it
  22. bull durham  -  " . . .  there are 108 beads in a catholic rosary and there are 108 stitches in a baseball."
  23. the unbearable lightness of being
  24. to kill a mockingbird
  25. ferris bueller's day off
  26. witness
  27. gladiator  -  "imagine where you will be and it will be so."
  28. the devil wears prada  -  because "that's all" and "it's pretty!"
  29. harry potter (series)
  30. the king's speech
  31. the best years of our lives
  32. crouching tiger, hidden dragon
  33. shirley valentine  -  because running away
  34. field of dreams
  35. roman holiday
  36. cinema paradiso
  37. jaws
  38. the darjeeling limited
  39. the year of living dangerously
  40. adaptation
  41. close encounters of the third kind  -  because it's just a different language
  42. die hard  -  because alan rickman
  43. the princess bride
  44. love actually
  45. sense and sensibility
  46. to have and have not  -  "you know how to whistle, don't you?"
  47. cold mountain
  48. a good year
  49. oh brother, where art thou?  -  because a geographical oddity; 2 weeks from everywhere
  50. sideways
reds  should be on this list, all about eve.  meet me in st. louis.  the searchers.  educating rita.  and no doubt i am forgetting the best one of all, whatever it may be.

what are your  favorites?



  1. Repeating myself, but I love your becauses. So many wonderful movies - your list and Kelly's make me want to watch movies, both new-to-me and old favorites. I love seeing #31 here. It's one of those movies that I sense not a lot of people know about and it totally disproves the idea that "old black and white" movies are fluffy and irrelevant.

    Love x 1000. Pass the popcorn!

    1. it is a longish movie, and i watch it every time it comes on the television. and it kills me every time - a very adult movie, and i don't mean that in a sexy way.

      thank you!

  2. I love your list, so many favorites of mine as well... and I laughed because same here, Under the Tuscan Sun, I kept thinking I should have it on mine, but it didn't make the cut... and I was trying to think of the name of Spanglish and then I forgot, but that one might have made the cut, and I had completely forgotten about captain corelli's mandolin, I loved that movie.

    Now I have to watch the ones I have not seen!

  3. I always thought I was the movie girl.. that I had seen almost every good flick out there... until I read your list. There are SO MANY here that I haven't seen!! I've written some down and now I'm going to check on Netflix (the Canadian version is pretty limited due to copyright laws, but hopefully a few of these are available.)
    I have been meaning to read Practical Magic and The Unbearable Lightness of Being before I watch the movies because if I watch first, I won't read!
    Captain Corelli's Mandolin is one I'm pretty sure I saw a long time ago and loved, but I have forgotten everything about it... will see if I can find that one first.

    A few of my faves that aren't mentioned here: Bright Star (exquisite photography), Enemy at the Gates (I'm not a total gushy chick flick kind of girl, but mostly I am), The Game (with Michael Douglas... crazy movie!), Silver Linings Playbook (OMG I loved!!!!), Willow (classic), Beginners (I want that dog) and Atonement. Oh, and The Secret Garden. Oh, and Off the Map. Maybe I should make my own list?
    I feel like I am forgetting a big one, which I will remember at about 2am this morning.

    1. off the map! that should be on my list! it is just wonderful!!! so glad you reminded me of this gem. and also bright star - i'd forgotten that one also. yay to kelly for thinking this up and yay for reminders and new suggestions!!

  4. when I saw this at kelly's , I thought " it needs be 50 by genre!" truly as hard if not harder than 50 favorite books...
    this is an awesome list! ~good golly! why didn't you sell tickets~


    And yes to basically everything containing Alan Rickman. That man is a complete triumph,


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