“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


now. with a picture of christmas day.

this is the week of winding down, the week that almost doesn't count, these days between christmas and the new year ignored as we think back or think forward.  it's a very un-zen week.  we pay little attention to the now.  i am as guilty as everyone else.

and so i write.

the snow that fell on christmas day is still out there in splotches and stripes, white icing on the monkey grass and honeysuckle.  i'd noticed the afternoon of christmas eve a blossom on that honeysuckle, but it is now covered, now invisible, now gone.  the christmas tree lights are on and blue and there is a fire in the heater and a cat asleep on the couch.  i had apple pie for breakfast and the taste is still on my tongue.  there is a wreath hanging on the oak tree across the street and i can see its red bow through the empty wisteria vines in our front yard, bright in the morning sun.  all is calm - it is a silent day.  when i think about plans for later, i go blank and stare out the window, seeing nothing but the now.  it isn't hard at all.

i am breathing in . . .
i am breathing out . . .



  1. Your blogs always bring me back from the brink of too much, too soon, too late. This one brought me back to the now. Thanks so much for all you have given me throughout the years.

    Peace, Love and Today,

  2. Being sick makes nothing but the now matter. I am here and that is good enough. This is one of my favorite weeks of the year, a week when I sit by the fire and read, or sit and stare out the window and do nothing. The good kind of nothing. :) we should have weeks like this more often.

  3. reading you so helps me
    to breathe in and out
    as well:)
    thank you,

  4. Yes I am breathing in and out...slowly... Beautiful post my dear. Enjoy these next few quiet days. xo

  5. so you got your snow i sent to you.

    me too: breathing in, breathing out....

  6. reading 'you' is always MY breathing in and breathing out.
    i especially thank you for your words, sentences and thoughts.
    in fondest, tilda


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