“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


advent evening 3: red toenails and jingle bells

we are ankle deep in leaves and stars
and knee deep in paperwhites, not yet bloomed.
it was 80° today, with a smidgen of rain.
a texas christmas be coming,
which means we really have no idea what will happen.
but i painted my toenails red anyway,
in celebration of the yuletide season
and flipflops not yet gone,
and i wished for tiny jingle bells to wear on my toes.
i know  santa is listening.



  1. It's almost the same here...open windows and we never really put our sandals away. I used to love putting jingle bells on my shoes when I was little...I wish that I could again.

  2. This just makes me smile. It was warm here today, not warm enough for flip flops, but extra warm for December.
    Santa always listens....

  3. Ah, flip-flops. Love 'em. Sadly, it's just a little too chilly for them here.

  4. most likely santa saw from afar your red toenails and heard from afar your wish for tiny silver bells: i'm sure your wishes will be honour'd....

    [wish my toenails were red but santa would probably not see them through wool sox and winter boots....]

  5. oh my gosh, red toes and flip flops for christmas? what a concept, what a thought! shades of pale are my usual lacquer, but now you have me thinking...xoxo

  6. This is pure delight. I love it. This put a smile on my face too. :D Jingle Bells on toes would be perfect!

  7. Either that is one very very large leaf, or you have very very tiny feet.

  8. like pencilfox, it is not often we see painted toenails
    thru our wool socks and Arctic packs. BUT yesterday i walked
    barefoot on the dead grass void of snow for a couple more days
    perhaps, and my heart smiled.
    in fondest. t.

  9. I like how even though you have no idea what will happen (weather wise) you painted your toenails anyway. This seems to me a cheerful kind of waiting ... an interesting angle on advent. Love!


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