“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


advent day 8: thinking inside the box

she'd come downstairs with a silver box and asked me to tie the ribbon for her - a piece of loveliness, brown silk drizzled with polka dots, and it was the most gorgeous of christmas packages, that ribbon against that paper, and we ooohed and ahhhed and laughed and said that's all anyone needed to give us, a box full of empty so beautifully wrapped we'd never want to open it.


but if the box wasn't empty, what would i want?  the older i get the fewer my answers.  

dark chocolate wrapped in thin silver foil
peace with freedom
a clock running on texas slow summer time.

those 3 things slip off my fingertips with no thinking and seem more than enough.  but i pause, and think, and i add to my list. money to catch my bills all up, to catch my breath.  a house, a boat, a vespa, a pony.  20 less pounds with no effort on my part.  a dip in the blanco river.  white hydrangeas all year long.  more windows.  another cup of tea.  and i'd like the cats in the neighborhood to all love each other.

yesterday the first box showed up, a gift for st. nicholas day,
wrapped all in stars.
i almost left it wrapped.
inside was that other cup of tea,
although, and i admit this freely,
the  tea is so beautifully packaged i may have to just look at it a bit.
just a bit.



  1. Oh my that is pretty. there's such an art to the presentation of beautifully wrapped presents. This is exquisite.

  2. i can see us all now, sipping together. i love this.

    here's to a year full of boxes, filled with wishes.

  3. Beauty and wonder have so many layers; you are right to open each layer slowly, and in full appreciation.

  4. *sigh* This is magic. A soft, peaceful joy crept into my heart reading these words, enjoying the beauty and anticipation. You haven't lost the capacity to see magic, Debi, not by a long shot. It's right here. <3

  5. a clock running on slow summer Texas time?
    i would wish that for my summer Michigan time.
    that the robins would never leave, that the time of light
    hours remained. and many others..of summer.
    but i suppose, were i to have those, i would never have
    anything to look forward to.

  6. delightful image... Wonderfully written...

  7. Oh Deb...to read you gives me a gift in itself

  8. i, too, received a gift for st nicholas day. brown paper overwrapped with hemp twine. i let it sit for almost 24 hours before opening it. because the packaging alone lit my soul.

    inside, an ornament for my christmas branch ( a girl holding a cat!) and peppermint sticks.

    they are almost all i need.

    but tea with you and kelly is also on my short list. xo

  9. I am a wee bit hooked, maybe a little obsessed with a salted chocolate that happens to be wrapped in thin silver foil.
    It is divine. Just a few tiny nuggets of salt in each bite... what power those little nuggets have over me.


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