“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


advent day 1: an unseen angel

i have been topping trees with stars and i have dangled a few from the ceiling.
if it's pretty it must be christmas.

i have tons of little christmas trees, more than i ever remember, in fact, all wrapped in black bags and tucked away, hidden, going invisible the rest of the year, always a surprise when i begin to unwrap them.  i can't even tell you what i was looking for this season - nothing specific, just some inspiration i think, for christmas at work.  the emma tree is gone, nowhere to hang bulbs and lights unless i buy a real tree, and i save that for home, so i was looking for a hint, for a sign that said this way,  for help, for magic.  i unwrapped trees and laughed and oohed and ahhed, and said yes, i remember you, and i stood them on my work table in the front room, not thinking, just doing, and when at last i turned around, i found a village of trees scattered across the surface.  and like that, yes, just like that, i was a child again in my grandmother's house, building doll rooms from whatever she had to hand; an opened wallet for a couch, matchboxes for coffee tables.  i never owned the "store bought" doll furniture, and i never minded - i loved making my own, deciding what this  looked like and what it could become.

and so the christmas trees.  i stacked, i rearranged, i drizzled warm silver garland through their midst.  boxes wrapped in white paper became snowy hills.  i found stars and bluebirds and nestled them among the lights and branches.  i rolled a few clementines against their bottoms and tossed them silvered pinecones.  i played.  and then there it was.  the best christmas village ever, built of stuff gathered over the years of my life, nothing matching, everything perfect.  i was that little girl clapping her hands together.

and the best part?
that flurry of blue in the picture above.
i have no idea what that is.
the wings of a christmas angel, i'm thinking.  


  1. I love. We make our own ornaments. Our tree is a memory of times spent with family and friends making them - each year. I love it and I love this.

  2. Oh yes, most definitely an angel... and this is all just gorgeous. See, now I want to visit you... you have the best magic.

    1. Ohh...just love the idea of all sorts of beautiful little, sparkly trees. Gorgeous post and gorgeous pictures.

  3. i love this december 1. from nothing you created perfect.
    a tricky feat, but NOT impossible.
    most of all, i love that the chairs do not match. none of mine do.
    the stylists are wrong. we can mismatch and build from nothing.
    in fondest. tilda

  4. day 1. and already you remind me of the best part of christmas.

    to play.

    bless you. xo

  5. Such sweet beauty. I love your chairs also.

  6. Perfection is created from mistakes and broken things. Seeing how they fit together after the breaking is the gift, you see.

    Such a wonderful post...

  7. soft blue & white among the holiday .. this is you !!

  8. But where is that little tiny one you have? That sweet adorable one? (you know which one I am talking about)


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