“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan



my god, but this night is quiet, the september sounds of cicadas softer than their summer songs, one last bird singing the day to sleep, the dusk to wake.  it falls darker as i type those words and i look up to see that dusk has given way to almost-night.  the front door is open - welcome breeze, welcome almost silence, welcome.  i have not felt this peaceful in months.

a book finished as the day draws to a close.
dark chocolate with almonds.
barking dog in the distance.
i want so little else.

done is a funny word.  done with my mother's house, time now for some easiness.  i am painting a chair at work, and a table is next.  i am making banners and there is already glitter scattered across the seats of the jeep.  i am done with a chapter of my life and beginning the next.  i fantasize already - already! - about the empty place out back, falling down its own stairs, and i see myself there.  i like the way the kitchen floor slants downward to the north and i can imagine french doors replacing the windows that open onto the long flat garage roof.  i see that roof as terrace, screened to hold skye cat close, full of plants to keep us happy.  perhaps a roof so we could sit protected when the rains fall.  i see it all and i lay here in this quiet and know the quiet that terrace would bring, and i give in to the illusion.  i see us there.  i even know the plants i would choose.

done leads onward.  done opens up that spot in your soul you thought would never open again.  done has music to dance to and dreams once again of tomorrow.  done has a paintbrush in its hand and sees beyond the horizon.

darkness drops in silence and it is night.
there are stars and tomorrow the sun. 



  1. *sigh* I love this dreamy post. I'm imagining right along with you.

  2. done leads onward. to the magic in your vision and the magic in your voice. you always paint pictures with your words. i can see it. and it's real.

  3. I love those last two lines.

    Done is supposed to mean finished, but it seems to me more like, "and now starting ..."

    Your posts always make me feel so peaceful and happy.

  4. "done", to me always means "new beginning"...dont stop.

  5. oh I like these words, such good words! So happy that now you can move on and dance.

  6. ...done opens up that spot in your soul you thought would never open again.

    oh my. such a thought provoking sentence. i will think on that one for a while, with a smile on my face and in my heart.
    in fondest. tilda


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