“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


summer humidity with cat

oh god, the graying fading silence of the almost gone sun, this time of day when all my prayers and wishes of the day grow wings and find nests in the trees, leaving me emptied of the hours gone before; oh god, this silence, this oncoming night, the last of the shadows moving into darkness.  thou art everywhere but i worship thee here.  soft go the cats.


big and bitey
and i must decide door open door closed?
summer humidity with cat sprawled in front of door open
watching cat across the street sprawled in front of door closed.
fan blowing my hair all itchy against my face.
not yet dusk, not still day.

the air stays hot until late.  days ago the crescent moon hung tipsy in the sky straight up overhead and i stood in the yard and breathed in the warm moonlight and listened to the tree frogs and the night was a piece of faded blue wool, smothering, no breeze.  i slapped away the bugs and stood there in the stickiness.  on my face, my arms.  under my breasts.  my god what a night.  tonight the full moon waits with outstretched arms.  

last night the sky was almost starless;
i pushed aside tree limbs,
searching for venus.
summer, thou art loved.



  1. tonight i stood outside in the middle of the road, watching fireworks and fireflies and wishing i could see the moon that was hiding behind the clouds. but now i know where she is, and i am glad. xo

  2. you just take hold of my heart and shake it, and all the words fall out. so I can't leave you a comment, I am silent, ankle-deep in these things you have said and I can not say.

  3. Last night, I sat with my mother for a time while it rained outside and this morning, she remarked on the greenness of you the back garden. And even though I might sacrifice a finger or two for some sun right now, I have to be grateful for summer days spent with Mama T on her flying visits.

    Thank you for the reminder ♥

    1. ah. it was time well spent. the sun will show up sooner or later - i am sure of that. and wishing sooner for you. xoxo

  4. i cannot imagine your texas heat. michigan is under a 90+ degree with dripping, drenching, soaking wet humidity. because we rarely need it, we have no air conditioning. i have no idea of the heat index.
    so i read you with arms stuck to the table and fingers that stick to the keys. and rivers of sweat beads running down my face and body. ah, summer.
    still i am a child of summer. it will be gone too soon. what difference if my hair is a wet ponytail and no makeup would stay on my face. my feet are free and bare, and the garden hose awaits me for another spray.

    1. your summer sounds worse than ours. knock on wood - lol! (plus we have a/c. always!) stay cool!!

  5. "tonight the full moon waits with outstretched arms."
    "thou art everywhere but i worship thee here."

    Oh how I needed this, and thank you.


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