“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan



i said to katie when we thought we were on our way out the door and we weren't,
i said, well now i will relax a bit, my lips all shiny, my hair all clean, my soul all spiffy,
and i put my feet on the stool and the fan blew cool air across my still warm from the shower toes
and i watched the cat fall into a drowse and i listened to afternoon nothingness.
that was friday before the movie, before the 2-girls-only dinner out,
before we ordered steaks just because, before falling asleep early and waking the same.
before saturday morning lawn mowers and the anger of slamming doors,
and that tree from last summer, dead but still standing, waiting for burial, a tombstone, a wake,
to be missed, waiting for someone to say it is gone,
before the orange dimples of daylilies welcomed the day,
before butterflies and the busy-ness of neighbors,
before the splash of the dragonfly against the glass door,
before saturday night and this sunday morning, loud with the chase of cardinals,
before politics argued on television shows and sneezes and catfights and allergy pills,
before breakfast, and laundry waiting for clean,
before the thought of flowers yet to be bought,
before breezes and mockingbirds and the morning sun,
but after the leaves from wednesday's storm, washed up in waves across the front yard.



  1. Oh lordy, girl, you do make me smile & take deep, lovely breaths.
    Thank you & happy Sunday to you.

  2. Layer upon layer of miracles, little and large; your depiction of them is life's delight.

  3. all of it before and after, now. those are the best times in life. the moments that wait for nothing and follow everything.

    i kind of like that no one has told the tree that it's gone yet.

  4. damn it. how can you do this to me? i am wandering through the world, brushing up against your words, and they arrest me, take my heart, hug me and make me feel like all, all, is poetry. thank you for making a cozy afternoon into something wild and profound, full of possibility.

  5. such sweet whens, befores, afters.
    i keep coming back here.
    you make me smile when my spirit doesn't know what to feel.

  6. some weekends are just as you have described. lovely!

  7. with Sarah, i agree. your words always make me come. you see the ordinary and it takes on new shapes, new ways of looking at it. ways i don't always see. i love it that your soul was all spiffy. now mine is.
    in fondest, tilda

  8. You really do have an incredible way of taking the ordinary in life and putting it in words that makes me stop. pay attention. and appreciate it all.


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