“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


i meant to take a picture, but . . .

summer is here
and just like that, with a snap of your fingers, a flip of the calendar page, the lake is no longer make-you-gasp cold, but just cool, and you know that a couple of weeks more and only your toes will feel anything even close to cold as they dangle deeper in the water, but you also know it won't matter; your toes will be happy and if your toes are happy, well, the rest of you is happy also.  i won't see real shoes for months.

just like that, the birds disappear into nests for the night and cicadas begin to sing.  the cat stays out later and so does the sun.  the front door stays open longer and laziness moves inside, bringing with it light summer fiction and plenty of ice. 3 months of 3 day weekends means i ignore the clocks even more than i did before.

just like that, there are cherries in the fridge and blueberries too, homegrown tomatoes, okra, eggplant, more tomatoes, peppers, and when i buy hamburgers, i buy them with jalapenos, and add salsa to my fries.  the back of the jeep is piled with folding chaise lounges (a drugstore purchase), a cooler, 4 floaties - blue, blue, white, and blue - beach towels, a 24 pack of bottled water.  a small folding chair.  rubber boots.  by the front door, a plastic tote - blue - waits, with sunscreen and my ipod earphones, but not my ipod - the earphones are disguise, and the ipod is empty anyway.  i have never figured it out.

tonight, the sound of basketballs against the brick street and boys' voices brings the cat inside, and then, just like that, they move on around the corner and the night is nothing but cicadas once again.



  1. a texas summer inside and out !!

    1. i always think it will be just the same and boring, i always think this summer this year won't be magic, and then it arrives, and i remember that it always is. no matter how much the same or how different, always magic.

  2. ..i love it that the iPod is empty, you have never figured it out.
    i love it that your toes are not housed in regular shoes for 3 months.
    i love it that your true soul shines bright with the Texas sun in summer.
    i LOVE your writings.
    in fondest.. Tilda
    who sits here with bare feet myself.

  3. A lovely description of summers arrival. Oh to have barefeet for months. That doesn't happen much here, but love, love barefeet. Now you make me wonder why I want an iPod for music. Fresh fruit of the season is the very best.

  4. This. This is how I want my summers to be. Alas...England.

  5. Yet again, you paint the most perfect images with words. I thought of you today while driving to the library. I thought, I wonder how we could get you to write a book. Then I thought, maybe we need a blogging collaboration between artists and your writing. Just daydreaming but you never know...


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