“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


june-almost-summer sidewalk

if i'm lucky i get a crescent moon to tickle my toes.

i am breathing in spring-almost-summer, all hot air and sunshine and breezes across the honeysuckle.  today is a skirt and flipflops and a cat sprawled across a messy back porch, following the morning sun and the afternoon shade.  by 6 she will be asleep under the bench below my kitchen window.  by 8 there will be the sound of cicadas, eager for night to fall.  by dark, there will be owls.

the stuff of healing.  

it is just another summer, another face in the crowd of summers, but, like all those faces, it wears its own smile and cries its own tears when it thinks no one is looking.  it moves down the familiar sidewalks and the shadows that fall across its feet are summer snowflakes, each one new and none identical and all gone in an instant.  it is just another june-not-yet-summer, but almost there, almost.  it is the last full moon of spring.

sometimes in the late night darkness, the front door still open, i hear skateboards on the street outside, clattering fast down the brick street, and i feel the joy fly past with the sound, chased by the bark of a distant dog.  the cicadas all go quiet at once, and the night inhales.  exhales, and they begin again.



  1. definitely the stuff of healing...
    in fondest. tilda

  2. every time i come here, there is always at least one perfect, magical line...
    "but, like all those faces, it wears its own smile and cries its own tears when it thinks no one is looking"
    oh my. yes, each day, that is life.
    here's to feeling joy fly past...

  3. The skateboards on the brick streets made me smile. I so remember & love that!

  4. your posts, the words and evoked feelings: so magical.
    i keep returning.

  5. love your late nights here >>> cicadas and all!!

  6. Your words to conjure up summer in my mind. Even if it isn't summer here, it is lovely to imagine.

  7. this post makes me want to sit in the yard and eat cherries while curled up with a dreamy read and a stack of magazines :) ahhh...


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