“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


if i was

if I was a wind, i would steal your secrets
if I was a name, i would leave you guessing, laughing, asking for my number
if I was a memory, i would be the truth you turned away from
if I was a papered thing, i would be a bookmark, chapter 6, wind, sand, and stars
if I was a poem, my words would be written with a pen's last ink, sputtering, coughing,
             reeling off the page
if I was an hour, i would always be now
if I was a kiss, i would never tell
if I was a story, i would live forever
if I was a house, i would stand through the storms
if I was a landscape, i would not be fenced
if I was a flower, i would open under the moon
if I was a photograph, i would be cellphone out of focus feet on flowers
if i was a heroine, i would stir up magic potions and show you secret tunnels
if I was an item of clothing, i would barely barely touch your skin, just so, just so
if I was a song, i would sing you the sun, a capella, at dawn, and at night, the stars, 
             a capella, in darkness

what would you be, if?

questions by the lovely sarah at knitting the wind.  see her answers here, and join in with your own.



  1. this is gorgeous. i can't even choose a favorite line, I love them all.
    i think you are all of these things.

  2. If I was a song, I would dance in your heart.
    I love the thoughts created here. Just magical and lovely.

  3. oh so beautiful, magical, like a dream of you. thank you :-)

  4. but I want to be them all....
    ~throwing back my head and laughing~

  5. And you are, and you are, and you are!!!!

    If I were faded & yellowed lace I would hide in your top drawer to make you remember & smile on a winter's day.

  6. ifs and ifs..and i believe you are all of them...
    and you are so much more to me.
    in fondest. Tilda


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