“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


there's a reason cinderella had new slippers

i was going to write about shoes, but then a black moth flew through the open bathroom window,
past the white curtains, wings sliding across the curl of open screen,
and the day was still sitting on the butterfly bushes,
the sun just beginning to entertain thoughts of the moon,
and a dove, i think, began to call,
though sometimes they sound like owls and i get confused,
and by then i was barefoot with toenails painted i pink i can,
and shoes seemed unimportant with summertime teasing in that way she does.

but there's a reason cinderella had new slippers and there's a reason for dorothy's ruby reds
and there's a reason we paint our toenails suzi & the lifeguard or frankly scarlet,
and i think it's called magic.
i think it's called adventures await.
new shoes = who knows what will happen?, and
old shoes = comfort and i know this road, and
bare feet with a tickle of color on our toes = joy you betcha baby mmhmmm.

magical object thinking, yes, but objects have only the magic we give them
and when we put those wings on our feet, we fly,
past the white curtains into the day still waiting for us,
into the night.

i saved only one pair of my mother's shoes and they are abracadabras if ever you've seen any,
slippers that took her who knows where -
i never saw her wear them -
but when i saw them amongst her everydays and flipflops and proper church heels,
i smiled.
she had a secret, i thought.
she flew.



  1. objects have only the magic we give them... yes, and sometimes we give them much magic. i love that.

    i smiled at the doves, when i first moved to my house some 26 years ago, i thought we had owls in the woods... and only later i learned that it was mourning doves making that sound.

    and i love that she flew.

  2. I love knowing that your mom had magic secrets and the shoes she flew in are opening their wings again on your feet.

    1. well, those shoes up there are mine-all-mine, 20 bucks at target. hers are real aladdin magic carpet slippers. i will show them another time. xoxo

  3. I will read this again in the morning, because it is very late, and I am fragile when it's late, and when I'm fragile, I fall in love with poets twirling words. Tomorrow, I will be logical, and parse the lines for rhythm, but tonight, this is more magic than I can stand, so I am in love with a poet twirling.

    1. i cannot stop smiling at these words. and twirling. i want to twirl away the summer. :)

  4. This piece is magic, it makes me twirl, it makes me sad, it makes me curious to go find my mom's magic shoes! Thanks for the smile

    1. kiana - thank you! and i'm serious about twirling all summer. :) lets do it!

  5. Thank you! This was fabulous:)

  6. i kept a pair of my mothers shoes. she HAD SHOES, oh my. but i kept only one pair.
    i took a picture of her bare feet, outside the nursing home sheet, the day before she died in that bed, so i could remember her feet.
    in fondest thoughts, tilda

  7. oh don't you know it!! flying ...what a special thought ! xo

  8. Oh how I love this piece! I'm feeling so sad. It's Mother's Day tomorrow and I miss her more than words can say. My mom loved shoes and had so many...I also kept a pair. I wish they had special powers and I could fly to see her once again. Now I wish I would've kept the gold sparkled pair!


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