“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


the stories i know: east texas juju

the movement of water in springtime.  late, almost summer.  daylight lingers farther into the night and there are once again owls in the trees.  my mother's cat has claimed a spot on the rock wall next to the creek and embraces the warm darkness.  home.  i catch my second wind after midnight, bumping into sleepiness.  a white moth flies through the open door, bumping into walls,  a frantic flutter against a black lampshade.  silence, and then a slowing flitter behind me.  silence again.  last night it was a black moth, and yesterday a butterfly caught by the cat.  

these are the stories i know.
small nothings.
bits of sweetness.
the sound of crickets,
the trees overhanging the creek.
honeysuckle and pears a step outside my door.
east texas juju.

beware this coming summer.



  1. small, but never nothings. i am in love with this photo.

    and i look forward to this coming summer. there
    is something in the air, something good.

    juju. yes.

  2. You, and Kelly, and Brenda Lee; mmm sweet nothings. This is the summer where magic will be; I feel it.

  3. i love to hear of your texas. it is nothing like my michigan. but my summer is beginning to unfold, the hay is growing, the leaves are full as of this week. our seasons while the same as your calendar as so different, so much later, so short. you show me other aspects of days. i love to hear of your....
    in fondest, Tilda

  4. ah yes ..texas evenings ..you know them well ... so happy to share them with you here~~ xo

  5. love your descriptions: they make me look around with a different eye.

  6. many fluttering moths were spotted as we traveled through the midwest and eastern states; so I can imagine them fluttering by you in the night.

  7. perception, you wield it with such casual power...


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