“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


sunday, the short version

i sat in the sun today, and let the weeds tickle my toes.  when the next door neighbors skedaddled for a bit, katie and i took advantage of their empty front porch swing that's instead hung from an oak tree and moved from the sun into shade, and watched the tourists parade through the azaleas.  we even, for the first time ever, got our ownselves up and wandered through the big garden catty-cornered across the street.  the neighborhood is pinks and whites and bits of pale yellow and dogwoods and it is spring at last, 80 something degrees in the late afternoon, and my house is a mess and a half, but i don't care.  spring is outside, and the blossoms will be gone too quickly and we will settle into the greens of summer.  the house will still be messy and i will be looking for shelter from the summer sun and i will worry about it then.

the almost nothingness of spring breezes tease us with hints of heat on its way, and flip flops and nail polish seem all the footwear we will need for a while.



  1. mmmm. grass tickling toes and swinging underneath an oak tree.
    i remember gardens of azaleas.
    now all i see is snow: mounds of remaining snow.

    your post takes me elsewhere....but spring is here and the sun is warm.

    1. this morning the wisteria is beginning to say goodbye. the yellow roses are almost spent. the azalea bush that was a huge pink ball yesterday is nothing but green. the color passes so quickly. but there is still plenty around the corner, and soon the crepe myrtles will bloom and carry us through the summer.

      i am extra glad i took time to look around yesterday.

  2. ..we must always stop to take in these fleeting moments.
    i spend too much time watching the eastern sun of daybreak
    crash through my french doors onto my old hardwood floors
    and make intoxicating shadows of the old pieces in my living room.
    other things must wait..while the sunlight and shadows cross the
    our 80 degees atypical days of spring were 23 this morning. no frost
    however, so we may make it past this. it is way too early for this
    good warm spring weather this high in Michigan. we are 2 months+ ahead
    of our usual weather. for that, we often pay....
    in fond thoughts.

  3. This sounds so perfectly idyllic. I am jealous but not too jealous to wish you endless days of sunshine and porch swings and tickled toes ♥

  4. Wish I was close to thinking about flip flops and painted toenails. Your Sunday afternoon sounds spectacular.


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