“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


the scintilla project. day 4: every day

i fell asleep on the couch late yesterday morning, front door open to blooms and spring and the beginning of tourists, to the warmth and weekend sounds, fell asleep thinking i would just relax for 30 minutes, fell right sound asleep for almost 3 hours, and if i dreamed, i don't recall a one.  when i awoke, the hackberry tree was full of leaves, my old friend this tree surprising me, and i had a confused moment or two, wondering how long i'd been asleep, seeing in my head the images from just last week of this self same very tree, covered with shadows of still leafless wintertime limbs.

the blue sky said spring was almost here, and it was right.


the scintilla project.
day 4. what does your everyday look like?
describe the scene of the happiest moment of every day.


it always starts here.
i raise the blinds and hello hackberry.

today this tree looks nothing like the image above;
today it is leafy and entertwined with wisteria blossoms.
today there is a breeze blowing and the sky has gone gray. 

this tree sits at the almost end of the yard and we have kept each other company for almost 18 years.  i write about it as one would a friend.  it goes bare in the winter, and i can see the trees one block over, but in the heat of summer it spreads out and fills the width of my glass doors, blocking my view.  shade from the heat.  in the autumn its leaves fill the creek that angles through the yard.  right now it is a provocative bit of polka dots and lace, its bareness still peeping through, limbs still showing. 

it is my every morning conversation.



  1. hackberry ...not an oak or pecan ...one of a kind ...like you !! It is such a comfort to see the changes of seasons in the trees!

  2. Blossoms always seem to appear while we sleep; it makes you want to never sleep just to catch them in the act. Still, who could resist a three hour nap; heaven.

  3. it is amazing, isn't it, the way trees can become our friends...

    i remember the post you wrote once that reminded me of jack in the beanstalk, and now there is this one, with rumplestiltskin snoozing just around the corner.

    and this sounds like the perfect way to start each day.

  4. this is so beautiful, and sweet. my happiest moment everyday involves nature, too.

    thanks for sharing your morning. sounds splendid.

  5. So special to have the consistency of that tree with you each morning. For me it is the cherry tree with scampering squirrels and birds invading the feeders just outside my window.

  6. so sweet a moment:
    greeting the morning.
    greeting your tree.

  7. All I want to know is...when can I visit?

  8. I have a thing for trees and love your connection to this one.

  9. Such a great piece, you describe the moment so well I could almost see it there myself.

  10. Hackberry Pie
    is nothing like
    blueberry pie__
    an almost ugly tree
    not good for lumber
    ....but well trained,
    near the road___
    a most beautiful
    piece of landscape
    spreading its wings
    for shade
    and then the berries
    for birds
    and repopulating.
    Why God made the tree
    only God knows
    and maybe emma tree.

  11. where would we be without the trees? There isn't much in this world I love more.
    (humans not included)


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