“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


the scintilla project. day 9: 23 things, aka shoes

teal allstars
purple justin ropers
red justin ropers
black justin ropers
black justin ropers knee high
ralph lauren brown riding boots
green suede flats
black patent stilettos
denim flipflop stilettos
turquoise leather stilettos, toes as pointed as those old madonna bras,
shiny blue gap flats, a $3 bargain
black leather flats with pilgrim buckles
pink rain boots with white polka dots
bright blue rain boots
black steel toed rubber knee high boots
green patent leather stilettos
pearl justin ropers
teal flipflops
turquoise flipflops
brown flipflopes
kitten heel black funeral pumps
black leather flats with giant bows across the toes
lime green flip flops.

only a few of those are scattered across the floors.
and i have more.

day 9.  write a list of 23.



  1. Too funny, I don't think my collection would make anywhere near the number 23! Smiling.

  2. I think this says it all; the complete autobiography.

  3. i love this, it made me smile.

    a poem made from shoes. that is a beautiful thing.

  4. gotta love a shoe list. truly.

  5. i suppose if i were to look under the dust cover on the bed, i may find some shoes. probably some with only one shoe..no match. but i wear shoes ONLY in the winter...so my count is far less than yours. what makes me smile of yours? the colors! nice list of 23.
    in fondest..tilda

  6. Girls and their shows, I may never understand.

    P.S.- Nike Runners.

  7. Just reading your list of shoes gives a picture of you. Pointy stilettos and teal all-stars. Wow!


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