“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


the jingle bell cat, pear blossoms, and a bit of deja vu

spring is coming, ready or not.
pear blossoms already, tulip trees, redbuds blooming.
rumors on the wind that azaleas will be opening soon.

the jingle bell cat is a he, i believe, not a she as i first thought, and has decided that mi casa is su casa. yesterday he stood at the glass front door yowling to be let in, staring at me with blue blue eyes, clawing at the door, reaching for the door knob.  the day before he'd snuck in and wandered about, skye cat stunned, following him on tippy toes.  this morning, just a moment at the open door until skye ran him off,  not far, i would wager; he's probably asleep somewhere in the backyard. 

it is chapter 2 of the bob & maggie story, bob appearing on my front porch, what?, 19 years or so ago?, am i really that old?  maggie the cat refused to let him in and so he hung about and hung about and hung about, made it his home, slept under the house during the winter.  i fed him and eventually they came to terms, not particularly friendly terms, but terms nonetheless, and when i moved from the country to here in town, i brought him with us, and, as many of you know, he eventually left me for another woman, and moved in across the street with mary.  a cat who made his way in the world.  he ruled that house until the day he died.  

the jingle bell cat is a long haired version of bob - much the same color - and skye looks enough like maggie to be her daughter, and this all feels so familiar.  my reluctance.  heart felt sighs when i open the blinds and see him waiting.  he has tags, but katie says they are out of town tags, and i am hesitant to call that out of town vet, afraid jingle bells is too happy here in this yard, worried he will be yanked back from whence he came.  so i stall and stammer, and watch a strange friendship evolve between he and skye. my mother would not believe it, she who thought this cat could not/would not adapt to change of any kind.  to be truthful, that is part of the reason i let jingle bells stick his head inside my door.  as a gift for my year of no mother, 2 days away from one year gone.  it feels like a sign of some kind, and i have never been one to ignore signs.  so he is here on and off, eating somewhere else, and right now maggie is sleeping on my bed, birdsong flying through the windows and open door.  

i am wasting energy.
it is 59ยบ outside, a bit cool,
but the house is open and the heater is on.
it is sunday morning in the sunshine, almost noon, a lazy day;
cars are few on the street outside.
it is almost spring.
i am wondering if i let jingle bells in, if a new mary will show up.
the idea makes me smile.



  1. Replies
    1. i tend not to. it always leads to regrets. you look back and you know you knew. muchas gracias!

  2. "and right now maggie is sleeping on my bed, birdsong flying through the windows and open door."

    Maggie? The ghost of sweet Maggie? Or do you mean Skye?

    Let him in, let him in, I say. A balance of male and female begging to reside within. And bells of any kind are a sign for the soul.

    Let chapter 2 unfold...

    1. no. it is skye, and i am thinking of maggie. mistake though it is, i will let it stay. i am surprised i didn't catch that - another sign. and bells are good? that is making me smile. big time. xoxox

  3. i think you already know that you really can't put off a cat....:) they have a way of wandering in when you need them and sometimes they wander out when their work is done. i had one like that...his name was Sam and he was an old farm cat with a limp...

    bells, oh yes....

  4. i love that you are being adopted... that's the way it really happens, i think, we think that we adopt them, care for them, but in so many ways, it is the other way around.

    spring is coming... whatever else it will bring, there will be flowers and open windows and you will hear those jingle bells jingling...


  5. Yes, spring is almost here
    the dead of winter
    not to life and death
    on a human scale
    but to a view
    of life
    from your living room
    when winter
    is almost gone
    and one's patience
    is way past gone,
    almost dead.

  6. I am ready for the renewal of spring! I need the warm sun on my face & the smell of flowers in the air. Your post makes me homesick for a cat. We had cats throughout my childhood & I continued to have them on my own. My last cat died right before I got married 7 years ago & I haven't had one since then. I miss soft fur & a loud purr.

  7. Reminds me of a sweet and somewhat cheeky orange cat that decided to take up residence in our house when I was growing up. He had hilarious charm. We found out, months later that he wasn't as lost as I thought.. his true owners lived right down the street, so this lucky cat was being fed two times (or perhaps he coaxed others to love and feed him too?)


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