“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


i spy an early spring

we got us some of these today,
the tulip tree all happy and showing it and clapping her hands,
slinging around sorbet colors,
making my mouth water for tangerines and raspberries and hurry up springtime.

we are bare feet and no heat in this warm church of winter
and there is a white cat new in the neighborhood;
her jingle bell collar soft like wind chimes in an evening breeze.

tonight a storm is moving in.  the skies are red behind clouds mixed with moonlight, low rolling thunder in the distance, lightning out and about, a thin rain just beginning to fall.  skye cat and i listen to it as - there! suddenly wind and fat hard raindrops against the windows, and i hope the white cat got home and out of the weather; she watched me gather skye in earlier and sat like a queen under that tulip tree pictured above, glowing.  i see her and think i should curtsy.

inside here, out of the rain, now gone soft again,
we are quiet
and there are lemon cookies.



  1. i worked in the garden pushing away leaves to green underneath...i love the photo of the bloom~
    mild feb so far ...xo

  2. The tree outside my office window has leaf buds on it. No cat though.

    Too bad.

  3. Lovely! Such a contrast from last winter, isn't it?

  4. this sounds so lovely. we have no snow here just now, but no green either. we have every shade of grey that is possible.

    it's so nice to see a flower bud! and maybe skye cat is going to have a new friend?

    and this: "we are bare feet and no heat in this warm church of winter." perfect.

  5. What pictures you paint with your words! What a treat to read them...they are as good as having a plate of those lemon cookies you have sittin there!

  6. Oooh flowers and lemon cookies, doesn't get much better than that.

  7. This is beautiful; your words paint such vivid and warm pictures. I have ALL the jealousy that your buds are opening. There is nothing but frozen earth here.

  8. no matter what, when i read your words~ all subjects~ my heart always smiles. your gift is a gift to me.

    pass the lemon cookies. xo

  9. i had to take off my jacket and roll up my sleeves to the warm spring day we had yesterday.

    this post made me smile. : )

  10. A lovely celebration of signs that spring is coming and just of the day that is.

  11. It is altogether appropriate that people who live in magical places should have eyes that know magic when they see it, and words to write the magic.

  12. Oh lucky you, to see such beautiful spring flowers already. Magnolia and Tulip Trees (are they the same?) remind me of candelabras when the blooms are still closed.

  13. happy pink tulips singing early
    and even though the warm has scampered
    back behind winterness
    for awhile,
    I've still got a friendly sunburn
    on my nose
    and the raspberries will come.
    Yes they will.
    And there are lemon cookies


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