“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


i love every little bitty itsy teeny weeny thing about this image

i love its wrongness, its not-a-thing's-in-focusness,
the way it fades into nothing on the bottom left hand corner,
the stripes of skye cat's legs against the stripes of that black & white bag,
against the wavering centipede stripes of that hairclip i shouldn't leave in the living room
but always do,
against the circles of my sunglasses echoing the circle of that penny
echoing the sweet roundness of cat feet running to be near me,
echoing that bowl holding a wasp's nest my mother thought a treasure,
itself a circle full of circles even if you can't see them,
echoing the almost invisible circle of a glass cloche handle -
you have to look hard -
all echoing the swoop of my hair which got in the way.
i love it all.
i love the circular movement that says this cat will not stand still
if she sees you with a camera,
love the laughter and busyness and downright throw away quality.
i love the not thinking. i love the not trying.
love everything bumping into everything else and falling off the edges.
love it.

my old photography teachers would shake their heads
but my old painting teachers would laugh along with me,
seeing the brushstrokes behind the lens.

if i lay my ear against this the image,
i can hear richie havens in the background singing freedom.



  1. this made me smile, big. i love you for that.

  2. amen to freedom: especially when it comes in the form of artistic expression and appreciation.

    i've committed to hanging around your blog:
    i smile often.
    i cry occasionally.
    i feel your words in my heart.
    i carry your words around for my soul to feel their affinity.

  3. each day when i come to you, your words make my heart smile. sometimes cry. but always some emotion. it is no small deed that you connect...with us all.

  4. there's something inherently magical in a cat that won't allow itself to be photographed....

    beauty and magic. that's what lives here.

    (thank you)

  5. i love the truth of life itself in this photo; the roundness, the hurry, the little blank corner.

    and then this: if i lay my ear against this the image,
    i can hear richie havens in the background singing freedom.

    i gasped.

    dammit, you are good. xoxoxoxo

  6. I totally agree with all of the above...and yes...I too gasped to "I can hear richie havens in the background singing freedom".

  7. And I love your enthusiasm for this photo. Thanks for sharing it and pointing out all the things you love about it.

  8. Makes me wonder how many less than perfect images I have hastily discarded before really looking at them.
    So many little losses I will never know about.
    I just might be more careful next time.


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