“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


the colors of late winter

glad i wiggled my toes in the sunshine yesterday,
glad i slipped into something a little more comfortable;
the cold she be coming, and that means once-again socks,
never mind the flowers outside.
the forsythia has awakened to keep the paperwhites company
and tulip trees are waltzing with camellias,
 our annual february valentine's dance,
the cold always stopping by to remind us it is winter still.


it was daylight yesterday when i headed home.
no flashlight needed to find the stairs to find the parking lot,
and they have painted the outside of our work-a-day building,
cream with just a bit of butter melted into the mix,
the softest of palest palest yellows.
a perfect frame for the warmer yellow of our front room.
i am glad i painted over the blue walls.

medicine for my soul.



  1. love your wiggling toes!

    medicine for all our souls, here. winter and spring having their last hurrah before she sends the old man home...

  2. There are always hearts in your photographs; some seen, some unseen.

    1. they follow me around. the seen ones, anyway. and thank you. :)

  3. Wonderful capture of the light on that shoe!

  4. These days we do get a glimmer and a glance of medicine for the soul with flowers starting to peak out from the ground. The longer days I can see will soon be here. It does make my heart happy. I hope you danced the night away.

  5. The onslaught of light after 5pm and a few extra degrees in temperature are indeed medicine for the soul. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

  6. that would be texas weather for you ...oh how i love sharing it with you here

  7. I thought that very same thought today, on my way home from work. First time this year that it was still light out.
    I finished early today.... but still.


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