“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


week 4. january. notta lotta.

i opened my camera and shook out the leftovers.
images of rain and soft moons and tree limbs naked against the night sky,
the not quite perfects,
the out of focuses,
true illustrations of my life. 
my calendar of days.
wednesday morning, i stood in the doorway and took pictures of the rain
and the across the street falling-down house that once was mary's,
watched the creek not rise, breathed a long sigh of relief. 
thursday night, the cat stopped on the sidewalk,
stood skygazing through the branches of the pear tree,
and there was the moon hanging low overhead, rain clouds long gone;
i took hand held long exposures and the images bath the sky with milky moonlight.  

january, week 4. twenty twelve.



  1. you always make notta lotta into a story with layered notes of truth and keen observation. your leftover photos are still the main meal to me. purity and art.

  2. Your writing just so much enchants my heart.

  3. so sad, this house of Mary's, and yet you made it look beautiful. love the leftovers, the throwaways, the photos of life.
    i just opened the door to let the dog out and there is snow coating everything, stuck to the door, the walls, everything. it's beautiful and i thought of taking a picture but did not. but now i may have to change my mind...

  4. Your images always make me wonder where your words come from. They must come from your heart for they are you and only you. I love the milky moonlight image.

  5. ..i opened the camera and shook out the leftovers... it simply amazes me where your words come from? you see the ordinary and your words transform it into pure beauty and wonderment. coming here to see your words never fails to brighten my spirit. i am so grateful.

  6. the way you paint a picture with your words never fails to amaze me. so deep and real.

  7. I love how your pictures slowly open your world to my eyes...most of the time I have to use my imagination, but every so often you let us catch a glimpse of some interesting part of your universe.


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