“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


growing pains

the doldrums descend.
the january flounders.
my right arm and shoulder ache nonstop,
all those words unwritten knotted tangled tight against each other.
i wake in the night and turn to my other side,
my body feeling the need to fly.
i take 2 tylenol come morning.



  1. oh my. we are in the same place this january, bitter midnights and all.

    but soon, soon, it will be time to fly.

    (ha! word verification? "unsure")

  2. I feel you on this.
    Except for me, it's advil ;)
    Happy day to you.

  3. Those could be my very own words . . . . wishing the doldrums and your aches and pains away.

  4. january is always a hard month. i call january & february my self diagnosed, self-destruct months. they are. we are in ice and snow. i need green grass to be productive.
    but will settle for chocolate and coffee...
    in my fondest of regard, Tilda

  5. Me too, aches, pains and restlessness, dreams of running off to join the circus, Advil in the morning, tea now and then...

  6. Oh feel better soon. It is not fun to wake in the night in pain. Take care and treat yourself well.

  7. well, that sucks. hoping the aches and pains stop soon. the doldrums? may they stay as long as needed. xo

  8. i hear ya' on this.
    for two months: mid-november 'til mid-january, the mountains hide our sun.
    i look forward to late january for the bittersweetness to pass: i love winter but sun is necessary.

  9. Wish we could just leap up and join hands midair - and fly.

  10. oh I am with Relyn .. taking flight away from pain and doldrums sounds fabulous! Taked care friend!!


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