“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


reverb 11: a moment in time

raccoons?  coyote?  what moves in such a way?
this morning full of wind and cold coming in,
leaves falling into the creek,
this secret soon hidden.

a moment in time.
tell us about one moment that you lived in 2011
that you will never forget.

reverb 11

in this year of loss upon loss upon heartbreak
my hand on my mother's heart as she drew her last breath
this year of drought and shimmering heat
my hand on the do not resuscitate order
my hand on the words let her go
my hand against that morning against that day
this year of michael's father's death
a bookend of endings
my hand unable to stop it
my hand finding its way to a pen to a computer to words.
in this year of moments piled one against the other,
i choose this morning's.

that trail a lesson.
 a message.
i choose now.



  1. yes. now is always where it's at. yes.

  2. My moment was strikingly similarly to yours. September 13. I almost didn't get there in time. I am so sorry for your losses. Now is all we really have.

  3. oh, this is remarkable. beautiful and sad and brave and perfect, right now.

  4. So many messages; your hand always on them. Haunting. Beauty. So hard to choose.

  5. With such a few sentences, you create a film in my mind. I just love your writing.

    One moment in 2011 that I will never forget... waking up at 2am just after a hurricane, looking out the window and seeing three teenage boys walking in the darkness, their white backs lit by a porch light, their arms over their heads. I thought to myself, Oh look, they're going night swimming.


    Night swimming?????!!!!

    Then I saw that the street had become a river.

  6. i honestly don't know how to comment on this profound beauty. i will only say that this is your second reverb post that i've read, and now i am subscribing.

  7. Beautiful poem...and so curious, those footprints!

  8. How touching to have your hand on your mother's heart. It would leave such an impact on your heart, I can't even imagine. My hand was on a dear pet when she died and even that left a forever imprint here <3.


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