“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


reverb 11: how to do it differently

across the street, my neighbor's christmas lights were on when i awoke this morning, bright against the still gray day; there is one string, over there on the left hand side of her picture window that is blinking on and off, the whole strand, like a stoplight in a small town. the lights are all different colors and used to be she only circled that one window with one strand of lights, the big old fashioned ones, and it was the peacefullest view from my couch each night, but i made the mistake of telling her, and so, for me, she hung more lights.  she hung ornaments from the japanese maple.  this year, the ornaments are hung from trailing rose vines and the ginkgo tree.  it is a christmas mess over there.  i admit to kinda liking it, but don't tell my neighbor.

my children will do it differently - 
if you could choose one thing that your children could do
or experience in a different way than you have,
what would it be and why?

reverb 11


don't try so hard, but try harder.
know when to do each.

don't try so hard lexus, louis vuitton, apple, coach.
when steve jobs died, a friend said she was such an apple girl,
such a mac person,
she loved what she could do with all that stuff
but most of all, she said, she loved being seen with it.
no no no no no.
it's just a brand.
it ain't you babe.

try harder run, laugh, read read, earn your own money,
use the crappy camera that's stuck on f16
and figure your way around it,
buy the car that will require you to know how to fix stuff.

the more you know, the less you need.
                                                  ~  aboriginal saying

one strand of lights will be all you need.
you will shine.



  1. Stunningly lovely in its simplicity. Stellar advice and I love how you convey it....

  2. I can't tell you how much I love this photo - I just can't - and the whole thing, and **all** of your posts I've marked with a star to reread and comment on over the last few months and I haven't because my own words are inadequate to convey how the lyricism of your words, how the insights of your eye and heart, touch mine, and how there is not one other blog (not one) in my round of blogs that moves me like yours. You have no idea.

    Wow. Just ... wow.

  3. I love this. Such wisdom. I wish I had more time to respond this morning. But know, I loved it.

  4. oh debi....i love this SO VERY MUCH !!!

  5. i have tears in my eyes. really, i do.
    try harder.

  6. love, love, love love love. christmas lights make me happy too. haven't said 'hi' in a while...shrinking into my grumpy, in-pain self. so, hi there :)

  7. Christmas mess makes me smile every time I read this, and it's been a few times. I love the sassy and sincere, the present moment and the timelessness of the entire piece.

  8. Oh, to be a niece of yours! What a fantastic string of love.

  9. Yes, shine baby! I have simplified a bit this year, but I think I will leave lights up inside my house until March. The lights cheer my soul.
    Yes, my children would do it differently, but they miss if I didn't do it the way I do.

  10. Sounds like your neighbor is very sweet, knows that this was a difficult year for you and wants to cheer you up! The image of her front yard has me smiling tonight. :)

  11. yes ..you say ALL the right things ...less is so much more~

  12. I like that. peacefullest.

    Oh, but f16?!?!? I would go absolutely BATTY!


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