“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


reverb 11: healing.

a smidgen before midnight and it will begin.
i will stand in magic.
i will light a fire.
i will open my arms wide to beginnings.
i will catch starlight and moonlight and sparks of the past.
those sparks will burn hot and i will toss them from scorched fingertips.

what healed you this year?
was it sudden or a drip by drip evolution?
how would you like to be healed in 2012?


the process continues.
i turn like the earth and baby step toward the light.
the cold is necessary.
the darkness required.
the scars remain.
my phantom heart still aches when it rains.



  1. ooh, and that last line pierces mine.

    it is all necessary, all of it.

    baby steps, baby steps...

  2. Sparks and darkness, fitting themes for healing; I wonder, do the aches ever end. Haunts me as always.

  3. baby steps are always the surest way to the light~ xo

  4. My, so much to say. I simply wish for healing for all that are suffering.

  5. I know from reading your blog that you've experience grief and pain this past year but it seems in this post that you're in the process of healing and that you will be stepping into the New Year with hope. I wish that for you. You deserve many, many happy moments in 2012.

    What heals me? Without a doubt, spending time with my family. That's why my husband and I drove up to Canada several times this past year. We really needed those visits.

  6. I sit and dream
    and life is as it was
    I stand and the dreams fade
    life is cold, lonely, hard
    I turn my head at the sound
    of high pitched giggles
    as little hands stroke my arm
    and the light of the world
    comes on again for these
    brief minutes.

    The grandchildren make life worthwhile!!!!!!

  7. Holy Fudd, but that's lovely.

    And so very true. That last line...wow.

  8. Love. Perspective. Most of all faith. This year really put us (Mark and I) through the hoops.

  9. Healing? Yes, thinking now there is always some form of healing needed, isn't there? I think in 2012 there will be sometime for farewells and for acceptances too. Little things, really; but I am thinking it might help to do some writing to guide myself along. Journal, where are you?

  10. Thank goodness for the light.


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