“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


christmas closes in

creeping in along tree branches and snaking its way along the creek cloaked in white lights; it is decked out less festively than last year, but perhaps that is just my heart talking.  it is christmas no matter what and could show up naked at my front door, shivering to the sound of the midnight bells on christmas Eve.  christmas is really naked anyway.

but still.  i love restaurants strung with white light bulbs and plenty of time to relax while shopping and girl talk over steaks or mexican food,  i especially love that plenty of time part.  i love white polka dots strewn across red christmas paper, diana krall singing me into the holidays, and jimmy stewart as george bailey making me feel not so small anymore.   i love the idea of homemade cards, though I never have the time, my sister-in-law’s tart apple pie, frasier fir candles, small towns lit up for the holidays, cookies everywhere you shop, luminarias with real candles nestled inside, charlie brown trees, stockings filled with silliness and dark chocolate.  i love the word jolly – we only use it at this time of year - and red and white candy canes scattered in boxes of gifts to be shipped.  i love the idea of angels singing.  and for this week leading up to the magical day, i love early darkness and chilly air.

i love that at last i have time to breathe and new tires and places to drive, and i love this warm messy home waiting for me to return.   I love the christmas ornaments laying atop stacks of books, no tree yet this year, and the santa claus crinkly cat toy, a red velvet line drawn across the pale colors of my rooms.  I love the glitter waiting to be opened and applied to bought cards; I love that when I open those bottles at last, glitter will be everywhere and I will find speckles of it next june and smile.  


inspired by amy oscar's exactly 400 words,
though i don't have 400.
i love that i don't think she'll mind.



  1. i love all these words, however many there may be.

    my mom works in a gift shop, and at this time of year, she always comes home with glitter on her face. (she who wears no makeup). that always makes me smile.

    merry christmas. xoxo

  2. I love that you 'broke the rules' and you knew I wouldn't mind. I love the idea of glitter in june. I love this entire thing. The reminder of George Bailey. The reminder of villages strung with lights - you may just get me out shopping. (I am hiding from Christmas shopping this year because the crowds drive me mad.) Most of all, I love being invited into your space on the internet and getting to know you a little better. yay.

  3. When my girls were younger, I would daily find a piece of glitter on my face; now it is only for this month, but it reminds me of those years. Thank you for putting this lovely post of glitter back of my face as Christmas closes in.

  4. I love what you love from Diana Krall to red paper with white polka dots. Enjoy the season how ever you choose to do so.

  5. George Bailey, luminarias & jolly.
    These things make my heart happy.
    And you.
    Perhaps traces of glitter in the creased designs of your boots, scattering light as you boot scoot next summer, and Christmas redux in a dance hall.

  6. You make me want to have Christmas all over again. Not a year from now, but right now.


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