“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


standing on the edge of rain and 3rd base

me again on the edge again
toes just this side of being
wasting time dithering 
wondering looking at clouds
looking for clues in the splash of raindrops
finding faces in the spaces missed.
a reindeer is ready to get this party
but i agonize question compare second guess change my mind
rethink hesitate slow dance 
when i should shimmy like spinning moonbeams disco balls falling glitter.
i look for dancesteps painted along my darkened path
you put your left foot in
breadcrumbs dropped to the rhythm of the night
you take your left foot out
i shuffle stumble trip fall skin my knees hit my funnybone
you put your left foot in
and i am off the path off the wagon into the world into the arms of the
waiting universe where have i been all this time?
and you shake it all about
my toes are in across the line safe on third and i am off the bag too far 
at last
there is only one out i am thinking squeeze play
and in my mind i am suddenly still quiet eye on the ball peaceful
going alpha
you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around
it slows down i see all i breathe meditate exhale stand on the edge wait to
and that's what it's all about.



  1. i love the breathlessness of this, smiling as i hokey pokey my way down through it, fairy tales and moonbeams and magic all woven into a beautiful shimmering cloth.
    that is what it's all about.

  2. Such skittering imagery; I was afraid we might all crash, but that breath saved us once again.
    Love the heart leaves with matching nail polish.

  3. i have that fear often, but always that breath does save me.

    and i love those leaves. gifts from the trees.

  4. This reads like Duck-Duck-Goose on acid. I love it. You've taken the familiar and turned it on its ear. And shook it all about.

  5. mark - that's great!!! i love that! :) many thanks!

  6. kathryn - thank you. as always, mi amiga.

  7. your writing really is breathtaking, you had me right there along for the ride, all stubbed toes and ouchy shins...
    and then i took that breath too. but you have now made me lose all concentration to what i was doing (writing copy for something boring)...which is a relief, it must be said, but not so helpful to my task in hand :)

  8. so..... why don't you have a book?
    I would really really love to hold a book in my hands created by you.


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