“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


soul food, baby

she usually kept butterfingers, 
those little 8 to a pack ones,
but sometimes it was baby ruths,
and sometimes chocolate so expensive we were afraid to take a bite,
but always there were butterfingers in a bowl
and she would insist you have one or two.

her house is off to your left in this image,
and i am dangling late october toes over her part of the creek,
suspended between it and the golden catawba overhead,
dropping leaves everywhere,
each leaf counting down the afternoons of autumn.

today was sitting on my shoulders as i left work.
i needed cokes, cat food, bread, yogurt,
and i also needed chocolate, 
but i didn't know that until i passed an 8 pack of baby ruths
hanging out on an aisle.
a little something for my soul.
taking me back to evenings spent in her house,
a friend always there.
at the end i'd go over to check on her,
making sure she was okay;
saying it was for her,
but doing it for me also.

baby ruths.
i hadn't had one since she died.
they tasted of our friendship,
and i felt the weight of the day move away.



  1. Oh, that image is so beautiful!!
    I am so glad you gave yourself that treat. It is one of the wonders of humanity how a teeny taste or smell of something can bring us back to a place, or with a person, so immediately & vividly.
    Smiling at you as the wrapper crumples...

  2. somehow this brought tears to my eyes, thinking about my parents I guess. yes, those things that take you back, those comforts, comfort foods, nourishment for the soul.

    love your bare october toes, mine are wrapped in nice wool socks...

  3. ((((((Deborah)))))) <<-- those are hugs!!

    Your writing brought back memories for me, too. My Mom always used to get TONS of Brach's candy. It's hard to find anymore; but, it's still good :GRIN:

    My Mom's been gone almost 29 years and still some things bring back memories.

    The pain gets less as the memories get stronger, Deb.



  4. the taste lingered on my tongue, as i read these words.
    ; )

  5. i have no idea what baby ruths are (i need to go google now!) but this touched my heart.

  6. there is no forgetting, is there?

    sweetness floats to the top and they are with us, briefly.

    soul connections never die.

  7. kinda fun how such a small thing can make such a big impression. The Baby Ruth you mentioned swooped me away for a "visit" also.

  8. there is no forgetting. and the pain does get less and the sweet does float to the top. thank you all. and kamana! baby ruths!!! i suggest you track one down, just a small one. :) and glenn - hard to resist, i know. lol!


  9. What a beautiful image. The words are a poetry of remembering. I love them.

  10. May your life be continuously filled a never ending supply of golden catawba leaves...

  11. I had a baby ruth just yesterday and now I will think of you and "she" the next time I partake. What a fond memory you have. Treasure it!

  12. Hi Debbie~ Loved this- and I know the feeling...just going along with your day and suddenly "that feeling" - only for me I usually go to my sad place immediatley. I need to work on "moving on" have a wonderful Sunday...

  13. Funny how the little things like a certain food can bring back memories of someone we lost or who haven't seen in a long time. Dark chocolate and mints always reminds me of my dad.

  14. Such a simple thing, so full of meaning.

  15. Speaking of simple things...I love the simplistic look of your blog these days. So serene. I love it.
    And I love you. Was wonderful catching up with you.


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