“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


october lace

this day cannot decide whether it is blue or gray or white clouds or rain clouds and they all roll overhead together switching places with sunshine and shadow.  leaves are falling and the empty in between spots are lace against the sky, now white, now gray, and the shadows so faint they disappear into color, flat yellow catawba leaves against flat pale-green ginkgo against shadowless houses.  suddenly the sun and there are reflections in the windows, the leaves drawing checkered quilt patterns across the glass, then gone again with the softest of breezes. shimmering ginkgo leaves spin themselves into gold.

across the street still hang icicle christmas lights from last year, white blossoms of a leftover season, another piece of lace against the graying of the day.

sunday.  late october.  



  1. You are a beautiful writer. I just read these last two entries and they got to me... in a GREAT way. Came in via Kamana's site, and Now I simply have to come again.

  2. october lace and magic. i am in love with that photo. xo

  3. Exactly, that is the best description of late October. It is very much like that here too.

  4. you are the magic and lace.

    you are, no, you FEEL every shade of color. and you wear them well.

    splendidly, actually.

  5. I love the lace you captured. I have so often wanted to stop, pause, keep shadows that make lace on my walls, curtains, floors, but I am never fast enough. And by fast enough, I mean patient enough, and willing to leave what I am doing to take the photograph.


  6. What a glorious description of the beauty of late fall. The sky, the sun, the shadows. It's a magically beautiful time of year, and you've captured is so beautifully here.

  7. dreamy pictures that so perfectly describes your words...shades of melancholy perhaps.

  8. just settling in here for a good read.... let me get my tea....


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