“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


my soul does not wear serious shoes

these bows called me.
all lopsided and minnie-mouse-eared.
goodness, oh me oh my, how fun they felt when i put them on,
how fun they made me feel,
how girly,
how it-doesn't-matter-that-they-are-topped-by-a-tshirt-and-jeans.
just look at those silly bows.
they made me root around in the closet this morning,
made me find a ruffled sweater to toss over that tshirt;
they refused to take no for an answer,
although to be honest i never actually said a no,
i was in agreement from the moment i slipped my too cold toes inside.

my soul is happy dancing in these shoes.
it is twirling and swinging and cotton eyed joe-ing.


i am honored to be a part of the new e-course offered by maddie of persisting stars fame.
it begins sunday, october 23rd & there are a few openings left.
please join her (and the rest of us) as we travel the streets of soul.
you will be more than happy you did.
you will be changed.



  1. i am on a jouney of change. i should take a detour and stop by to join you.

  2. can't wait! and i love those shoes!

  3. This poem really spoke to me. I'm on a bit of a searching journey. I love that you know what your soul desires and loves. I'm getting there :)

  4. i think many of us are on a different path or journey. my journey takes me to places i would not have easily trod before. it is my plan/hope to become a better person. to make a difference. to learn to forgive trespasses against me. to grow. to declutter. to find joy. to find myself.
    your writings often lead me in that journey. thank you.
    in fondest of thought, Tilda

  5. Oh I love that you are wearing those bows on your toes with jeans - just perfection I must say! They would definitely make you feel like dancing and touch your soul of girliness.

  6. I might just have to steal that post title for a poem. I love it, I love your shoes, and I love your weblog. :-)

  7. lol...you are so adorable.
    And so are those bows. lol.

    I took one of Maddie's courses not too long ago...it was truly soul opening...and happy making.


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