“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


standing on the equinox

the stars are speaking autumn, that language of my childhood bound up in new crayolas and sweaters and nights in the neighborhood and the importance of cursive writing and the glow of houses against the early fall of night.  my toes grow cold more easily lately, and flipflops are interchanged with shoes that are easily dangled from one toe or left altogether behind, the better for the sun to warm me.  baseball is reaching its end and my team is winning, and high school football lights up the friday nights; my mother's cat, still on my mother's time, yowls at me to come to bed much too early, and my mother seems to be there in those moments, her habits of the last few years also this cat's. 

leaves lay like wounded butterflies on the porch outside my front door.  grasshoppers cling to my window screens, as do lizards and moths, and temperatures at last below 100 lure me into the night once again, my old habits also returning.  it has been a summer to remember, and september is almost gone.  i stood in a crystal store today and some pink ones made me cry - i forget their name, i have it written down.  they are for your heart, the woman said, they help with grief.  i bought two, along with others, embarrassed at the tears, and thought they matched my mother's pink bathroom.

standing on the equinox.
top of the stairs.



  1. i love your writing . filled and emptied all at once .

  2. i'm glad you bought them, they must have been working their magic.

    the importance of cursive writing, i miss that, do they even teach it these days?

    i love you, standing there on the equinox.


  3. The crystals are perfect, there to travel with you as you take that step down the stair. Where will it take you in all it's imperfectness?

  4. They sound like they might have been rose quartz, glad you bought them and that they invoke something in you.

  5. What a gorgeous tribute to the changing season..and that of your mother's heart!

  6. Dear heart, my heart aches for your heartache. I wish so much for you. Just, KNOW that you are loved.

  7. This post describes the equinox and my favorite season better than almost anything else I have read recently, and that includes (alas) my own efforts. Bravo!!!

  8. I trust those kinds of tears ~~ the tears that know before my head does ~~ implicitly.
    And I love you at the top of the stair, staring into the equinox as well.

  9. I love that you bought them... and that you cried. Your heart is as soft as ever.

    The glow of houses against the early fall of night.
    How could anyone not love the shorter days, who love to walk the streets at that precious hour and soak up all that cozy?


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