“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


a sparrow gone

feathers scattered across my bedroom,
across ideas and sketches and books half read.
the sparrow at the foot of my bed,
the cat complacent, asleep on a chair.

a battlefield.
and yet, the way of things.
peace is not the natural order;
the lion does not lie down with the lamb,
at least not if the lamb was raised right.

breathe into your struggle and soldier on.
dress warmly if the battleground is cold,
prepare for sleepless nights.
carry water.
carry matches.
carry yourself.
learn the patterns of the stars,
keep a compass in your pocket.
it is up to you.

true north is thataway
and it is uphill.
it will not be easy
but it will be fun.
you will find places in your soul you didn't know were there,
your heart will grow big with the constant climbing
and fill with memories and loves and secrets
and have room left over for more.

i promise.
you have my word.



  1. i love this.
    "... and have room left for more."
    you're amazing.

  2. oh my, seriously, we are so on the same page today! i wrote scattered... same basic theme... whoever said it was going to be easy, right? but it is so easy, too easy to forget that, in this world of too much everything.

    i will take you word, and i will keep climbing...


  3. i, too, will take your word. i have promised you before, and you listened (perhaps). now i will take your promise.
    breathe into your struggle and soldier on. interesting thought. interesting yet steep path. i will soldier on.
    in fond regard, Tilda

  4. a sparrow gone___
    but not forgotten
    by God.

  5. It is true, sister, it is true.

  6. i believe in these words. such truth.

  7. I want to put a giant heart inside this box. Sometimes I feel more than what I can say. So just imagine a giant heart under this type. I will leave some space for it.



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