“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


the pop of pecans under your toes & other gifts of september

september begins with crunches underfoot; no flowers falling from trees, but green pecans instead.  it is, as bilbo baggins said, a dangerous business going out your front door.  the tree hurls them onto the sidewalk, the porch, the roof, our heads.  they bounce off the hood of my jeep.  skye cat dodges them and skitters for safety.  the lovely, lovely katie delights in them under her feet; i watch her leave in the mornings, making a small detour onto the bridge to step on just a few more while they rain down around her.  i am reminded of the apple trees in the wizard of oz, and laugh - something about the aliveness of these trees is such magic.  wizards and journeys and trees - oh my!

we have come this far on our journey of the year;
before us lie only the months ending in r,
and there are gifts awaiting us. 

this morning's was the discovery of one of skye's magic places, in one of the backyards that bumps into ours, its old wooden fence falling apart and down, covered in wisteria, shaded by trees.  if you are a cat you will follow this fence to a tree long fallen, still sprawled upon the garage roof, vines encircling its trunk, and from there you will find, on the opposite side, a giant oak extending a low branch in welcome, so gently angled that you are able to just walk into the tree.  how long has it been like that?  all i had to do was look. 

the first gift of september. 



  1. Oh I would love to be able to just walk into the tree and hide. Lovely images here. Wouldn't mind a few crunchy walks and picky ups of pecans. Not something that grows here.

  2. it's as if i were there... dodging the pecans, but wanting them, all the same.

  3. one of the surprises and delights of blogs, is that you live in different places and experience different things. i do not have pecan trees. i have never seen pecan trees. and some of the trees you mention i don't know of. i love hearing of others lives thru where they live. probably as much as some love hearing about my farmhouse and farm land in Michigan.

  4. love the thought of crunchy green pecans underfoot!! :) we're the total opposite from you, winter is slowly heading out and the rains are coming (spring is a bit of a non-season for us). my morning 'wonder' was seeing that our mama duck had 6 tiny little fluffy little yellow babies with her, they hatched last night... like little bumble bees they are.

  5. only the months ending in r... my favorite months, these.
    I want a magic tree to hide in, walk into, cheshire cat grin from.
    here's to a month filled with gifts.

  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful intro. to the month with us, Beautiful Deb. Your words create such beautiful pictures.
    Happy September !

  7. I'd be on hand and knee grabbing up those pecans...yum! You paint a glorious picture of September in your neck of the woods. I have the day off today, unHEARD of for a Saturday so I'll blog a little...and may I say your place here has undergone some breathtaking changes. You have swoony fonts and gorgeous words paired with rapturous images.
    I love it!

  8. such a tender gift .. a deserved

    gift ..so so welcome!!

    was in pecan capital of texas yesterday ..san saba :))

  9. Are you eating those pecans too? Not just crunching them? Are they the edible kind?

    We used to have two big chestnut trees in front of our house when I was a kid, but they were not edible. They were bitter. But the trees were absolutely beautiful.


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