“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


i lusted for those white ones up there on the right

boot shopping on the sunday morning street,
gingerbread pigs in hand,
sausage & eggs in the jeep.
i knew enough spanish to understand the shiny reds were 200 bucks,
the white pointy toes $120,
 made for dancing
boot scooting
keeping you in line with those dagger toes,
120 dollars for the black ones with metal points.
god, you gotta love mexican cowboy boots,
not made for anything but looking good,
looking sharp,
not made to last, that's for sure,
but lordy me, how fine you look while they are still with you.

there were stacks of salsa cds to the left
and a heated discussion in the background,
finishing up saturday night's argument,
and i could just see me in those boots under a swoopy skirt,
but i walked away.
still in flipflops.



  1. get them. they are strength and beauty and the sure notion that nothing lasts forever and we need to enjoy the here and who-occupies-our-now.

    besides, you are fabulous in swoopy skirts. xo

  2. oh yes, i can see it... boot scooting...

    i'm sorry to say that i have socks on right now, socks! i was trying to hold out, but the past few nights have been freezing here...

    and now i am totally craving some gingerbread....

  3. shoulda got 'em, deb! i know where you saw 'em at, too, and got your breakfast! yum! i bet those boots'll be there tomorrow...

  4. Flip flops look good with your swoopy skirts, too. Plus boots cover up your toenail polish ;) I do love boots though, haven't had any in over 20 years. Come to think of it, I'm totally out of swoopy skirts, too.


  5. I love that shot . . . I bought some cowboy boots when we were in Jackson earlier this year and I've been desperately waiting for fall to arrive so that I can pack up my flip flops and put them on. Looks like it's finally here, wooo hooo.

  6. Oh I am wanting some boots. My husband sold his broken in one a couple years ago and I so wish we had kept them. I could have worn them for sure. Now go get you some white boots and enjoy kicking it up.

  7. i pulled my boots out last week but i'm looking for some new ones - planned on using my festival earnings to buy me a pair.
    you should go back and get the white ones

  8. ah yes .. boots..mine are red ....swoopy skirt and all

    LOVE LOVE the photo .. and the last paragraph :))))

  9. Still in flip flops..I love it.

    I bough a pair of boots this fall... my very first pair. I LOVE them. Want to wear them every day. Now I need to buy more clothes to go with my lovely boots.


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