“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


i dipped my hands in paint today. lost and found.

you can only watch your prey for so long before pouncing,
can only imagine every escape route it may find before risking the plunge.
thinking is not doing.

i will start big and i will start fast.
it will be a bloodbath.
and then silence.



  1. i have been feeling that need to fly too. just dont want to fall.

  2. So inspiring..and so much truth in this. Thinking is not doing - YES!!!

  3. Ohhh, where is this leading to?
    What delicious thing are you becoming?

  4. Why is it the creative ones need to fly, why do they need to pounce? What is that conflict that holds us back, yet causes us to want to jump? I feel it conflict in my soul and each day I want to run, but mostly fly.


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