“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


105 degrees of wisdom

a texas purdah,
hiding me from the heat and from heartbreak.
keep the mini blinds down,
keep the car windows tinted,
wear those sunglasses and keep everyone away.
such a temptation.

i am propped on the bed having one of those conversations with myself.
please tell me you have them -
the ones that say this book will keep you safe,
stay here.
the ones that say you can call pizza delivery.
stay here.
the ones that say you can kindle a new book if needed.

all true.
all true.
all true.

but truest of all is the heat outside
105 incredible degrees that say just stand in us a bit
and we will change your mind about that pizza.
oranges will call your name.
tacos de pollo con aguacate y salsa.
we will change your mind about kindling a book.
bookstores will beckon cool and quiet,
the pages of possibilities soothing and sensuous;
you will have to remove those sunglasses and look around.
the only purdah you will have is the one you take with you.
you are your own religion.

the heat is wise.
though there is little i can do about the tinted windows.



  1. Oh yes, that conversation is familiar around these parts.

    It's ok to keep your shades lowered and order in the pizza - sometimes that's what's needed, what's right. But sometimes (and it sounds like this is one of those times) it's good to take up the sun's invitation, to woo you outdoors, and let the warm and light stitch your heart back together.

    Hope you enjoy the tangerine. And the tacos, and (goodness knows) a real book. And hope your ice finds a friend in a glass of sweet tea.


  2. you are your own religion.

    yes, i, too, know these conversations. i think we all do, really. and you do what calls the loudest, the staying in, the going out, because like the heat, your heart is wise, too.


  3. i am in. the a/c spoke the loudest, the cat, this book from my childhood - thank God for louisa may alcott - ice in a glass all by itself, no bra required. the heat will be there manana.


  4. Oh, how I love you.
    And your religion.
    And Louisa May, and A.C. & all that goes with!

  5. I am in, too. 106F here today. Wooden blinds have been closed. I am getting weary of that bright sun. No pizza delivery where I live. Cranked the ac (even tho the bill was $400 last month eeeepp!!), and pretended it was winter. Made Italian soup and baked bread. And now, Jello shots are helping me forget the rest. But, really..winter will be here soon enough, and I'll miss these days, then.

  6. Such crazy heat, thankfully it's cooled off a little here and we're now in the high 90's! Know those kinds of conversations all too well. Stay cool!

  7. i know the conversations well.

  8. aahhh..that conversation. The one revisited in the dead of winter as well. to sit in front of the fan with ice water to drink and splash with...to snuggle deep into the quilts with wool socks on...

  9. Oh that convo sounds familiar!!! We are having a teaser day here in IL- beautiful, sunny, and breezy, with very little humidity (unheard of!!!). A gorgeous day to be out in- especially since I start back in the classroom tomorrow- THEN bring back the heat and humidity since I will HAVE to be in! Enjoy your say~~~

  10. I do converse with myself as often I don't have a soulmate nearby to converse with, but then if I said what was in my head they may think they don't want to be around me. I do so hope your 100 degrees day will soon be a thing of the past for this year. We finally had a 90 degree day this past weekend. I don't think I would survive in 100 degree days for very long.

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  12. You know....I HATE heat. I despise it. It's my worst most horrible enemy...quite possibly my only enemy.
    I moved away from my home town to escape its nasty grasp...the way it makes me lazy and grumpy.

    Yet....when I come here, and read about YOUR heat, you make me want a little taste of it. You make me feel like I am missing out on something. I want to try some of your heat. Maybe it is different from mine?


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