“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


dreams and open doors

it is still my home,
and now holds this summer of heat,
a new cat in the shadows of the yard,
and a robin standing in the shade of the hackberry tree,
right where he stood weeks ago
when i first figured a way to hang a water sprinkler in its branches
and let it rain.
right there on one of the roots that is impossible to mow around. 

my home has dreams and open doors,

sueños y puertas abiertas y más;
last night the dream was owls in trees,
the feel of those trees with owls aboard,
branches bending low before untamed breezes,
green leaves glowing under the night's wind filled sky,
and it was home.
que era mi casa.
it was the streets around me,
not ending at my door,
and there was real rain in my dream,
and there was real rain outside.
the ground was still damp when i awoke,
and it was still home.



  1. so lovely and calm ..feels like home here ~

  2. it's taken all summer, but i got in my car to come home today - locked all day, windows closed, heat built up inside (you know) and it didn't bother me. i didn't immediately roll down the windows, just assumed it hadn't gotten all that hot. we'd reached 102. i've just accepted the heat as part of the family and that made me think of how we define home. i define it here. despite the heat it is home still. despite the dead trees, it is home still. in fact, that all becomes apart of it, all the cells getting mixed together and wafting in.

    lol! it's late, i'm rambling. xoxo

  3. this is so beautiful, i think one of my favourite posts of yours.
    makes me yearn for something and nostalgic for something, at the same time (if that's possible :)

  4. eliza - the changes come so hard and fast lately (lol! can you tell i've been reading louisa may alcott?)that i know what you say is possible. just 2 weeks ago home included the 100+ year old oak across the street, now it includes its memory and the once hidden view. the outside includes antiques and memories just like the inside, and every day they come and go in both places.


  5. last night we were watching the baseball game and I was amazed how many people were still attending even in the heat and then a was amazed at how they didn't look all that hot...and I said, "they must have gotten used to it, is that possible?" It is, isn't it?

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  7. "my home has dreams and open doors" i love that!
    one of my favorite posts


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