“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


dappled afternoon

the road rolls by like a river.


i posted this a bit ago, just the image and the one line,
skye cat against the rolling road,
posted it twice, in fact, and took it down each time, unsure why.
it just felt wrong.
it felt too red.

today it feels right.
october blew in last night.

the afternoons are still quite dappled, and mornings also; the shadows just change sides.  i drive to work each morning knowing where they fall, watching especially for that yellow house on my left, laced with images of the leaves across the street, their patterns playing across the hood of my jeep.  i pass the still blooming pinks of crepe myrtles and mounds of flowers here and there, dark pinks, baby-girl pinks, yellows, purple, orange.  it is officially autumn, but we are always slow to get there, slow like this river of a road, still warm, still usually in bare feet and short sleeves.

but this morning has a chill and a wind and my toes are covered with socks and the cat is asleep on a chair, instead of outside chasing lizards.  october blew in last night, leaving limbs in the yards, broken power lines, bringing rain, lightning and thunder, and dropping the temperature 20 degrees. in the mail yesterday, i received a halloween party invitation.

it is yellow out there beyond the windows and door, the bright sun overpowering the fading green of the hackberry tree, but it feels like red is coming.  the year is rolling by.



  1. yes, rolling.

    this is so beautiful, october took its time making its way to you.

    here, it feels like grey is coming. and then white. but today the sun shines, and there will be lots of dappling.

  2. That line - "the road rolls by like a river" - instantly brought to my mind the sight of my friend's street suddenly turning a river on the night Hurricane Irene arrived in NJ. And yes, the rainwater was red.

    Sounds like you Texans are having a break from this past summer's heat. That's a relief! I'm glad that the weather has dipped and that we're now wearing sweaters and lighting candles (or fireplaces for those lucky ones) and drinking hot apple cider.

    So whatcha going to be for the Halloween Party, Deb?

  3. i was 'bout ready for the heat to retreat..but nice pic,,,ya shudda left it up all along.. lol have a great day,


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